The mystery!  

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Something crazy is brewing in my head. Something that I got a bit discouraged at now, having recieved the actual... main.. thing.. but nevertheless I have to try, can't just give up!
I'll just tell you. If it'll work, it'll be awesome. Seriously awesome. If it doesn't, I'll just pretend this post didn't exist!

Who is this lass? Huh, a LoTR mini? But... Why LoTR? This is 40k!

Hey, where did this guy's hand go? And what was he holding in it?

Pistols? Bolt Pistol? Does that make sense? Hal'jin is posting up weird random shots of bits?

There's more hints in the post. I bet an inquisitive type can guess it straight away.
Here's a hint for true geeks: Dark Heresy rulebook.

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