The Firstborn Stand!  

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Finally a post, hooray! When October started I really got a lot of various things happening, the main being the beginning of a new school year at the university. While nothing hard is happening right now, I spend entire days out there and I hardly find urge to do anything at all.

Still, I managed to finish the commision (Some two or three weeks ago actually... But my camera battery died with pics on it and I couldn't find the damn charger..)! The client was very pleased and said there definitely will be more to come, so if you like Vostroyans keep your head up!

I apologise for the quality of the pictures. As I said, the camera died and I couldn't check the pics. Turns out they're way worse quality than I thought, but since I've returned the minis to the owner I couldn't take new ones.. Oh well!

As per usual, click below for more shots!

Aaand... that's it. Oops. I promise to take better pictures of the future commisions and make sure they're proper quality and ammount!

If you got any opinions, shoot! I'd love to hear them.

Also, here's a little sneak peak of the next update... It should happen shortly in the next few days, since the stuff is more or less prepared...

The Sons of Fenris are coming!

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I've got a box of these guys somewhere on my shelf waiting for some paint. Nice work!

26 October 2009 at 17:35

Looking good mate, shame about the space dogs :P

26 October 2009 at 19:04

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