The First Pack - Complete!  

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There we go, actual content! The first pack, at long last, is finished, painted, varnished and based! After a long while, fresh pictures! Also, it seems I don't have witty post titles for Wolves. Damned Relic not featuring them in Dawn of War. *cough*

First off, a group shot. Not the best, I realise. Other shots are better. I actually found a way to do those pictures a bit better I think, reduced the way the camera lights them up so much. One picture is slightly too dark I guess, but still everything is perfectly visible. It seems to be a bit more of an issue with Wolves, due to their light armor.

Obviously there's more shots, just click below, as usual!

The first two, He-man and the Melta-man! I like them both quite a bit, though the tattoo on the He-man could've been better (it also isn't really visible in the photo...). He was also painted after slightly too long break, I think it does show in some parts...

The next two. The guy on the left is one I like the least. I somehow feel like I totally screwed up his face, but in the end and in the squad he doesn't look _that_ bad. The right one I actually like a lot, with the highlighting on the helmet.

The next two, left one that you've seen before as the first Wolf painted, and the right one which is the model with Mark of the Wulfen. Quite a bloody model. I found a neat way to paint blood. Might explain it in some future post, though I'd like to expand it myself first and that'll take a few experiments.

And the last two. The left one being a "Pack Leader" (purely a fluff concept, no such thing in rules). I like how the gold turned out on the er... winged...skull...on a stick.. backpack thing. The blood on the right chainsword is painted a bit differently and I think it doesn't look as convincing, but it isn't too bad either I guess.

Now a few closeups on things I found to be interesting. There might be more of those, but oh well. First, my favourite face. Maybe not the best one (they turned out quite evenly decent, of which I'm happy), but I like that tattoo design I stole from Morrowind a lot. I'll more than likely reused it later somewhere, though surely altered slightly.

The best freehand company logo I managed... Which is also the first I made, duh! And yes, the shot is quite ruined by that reflection..

Finally more blood for the... er, Allfather, obviously. After all when his chainsword got so messy, there's no way other bits didn't. Also the chainsword grip looks really nasty... So the Wulfen fella actually got the same idea I did when I first saw it!

Lastly the Wolf Guard! The glowing eyes on the Thunderhammer I wasn't really too sure about, they were hit or miss... and they turned out as an inaccurate hit, I think. Do let me know what you think, but I probably won't repeat that experiment again.

He also knows how to use that Hammer, it's surely not sparkly new.

Aaand that's it for pictures! As usualy I would love to hear your comments. Also, if you have any ideas or perhaps know Nordic mythology and culture so well you know about interesting things (mainly related to fire) that could be used (symbols and such mostly, I've got the names and read up a bit of "dry" descriptions) or serve as inspiration I would really appreciate the help.

Now I just have to come up with names for every Wolf or at least the Wolf Guard. Oh well, Warhammer Fantasy RPG supplement with a table of Norse names is certainly going to help!

As for other things, I'm working on a Vostroyan commision right now, being about 25% done, hopefuly will get more done this week. Also, I finally got the Wolf vehicles, so no longer must the Wolves borrow Chimeras from the 42nd Cadian regiment to ride into battle! I'm in the process of wolf-ifying them, will post up shots when it's done! The Long Fang pack is also put together now, expect some shots soon!

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nice work! more guard now please...

23 February 2010 at 20:28


I really, really like the He-Man!

23 February 2010 at 22:52

These look great! I like the tattoed face in particular, but it's all painted extremely well. Mor eupdates please!

11 March 2010 at 01:58

sweet job man! How did you paint the armor? what colors did you use?

15 March 2010 at 20:10

The armor is painted as per WD Space Wolves painting guide.

17 March 2010 at 10:23

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