Wolves of Fenris  

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Just a short update, but hopefuly a bit interesting at least! This time it's about wolves. But the real wolves. As in the furry grey canine!

I have acquired a couple of wolves from a friend of mine to incorporate them into my Wolves army. All in all Space Wolves are quite far away from being Codex Marines, but most highly competetive lists get closer and closer to such a thing. After all Grey Hunters are Marines. Sure, they're light blue and have lots of gubbins attached to their armor, but still.. There are a couple of units however that serve to differentiate them quite a bit from other Marines chapters, so that you just take one look and you're sure you're not dealing with regular SMs. Fenrisian Wolves are just such a thing.

But let's have a picture, shall we?

Here we are. These wolves have been stolen from a goblin Wolf Cavalry unit-thing from Warhammer Fantasy. This wolf is... quite boring. Being a mount it can't really have a super-dynamic pose as the rider might then not fit on top of it, plus it's not really the latest sculpt. But that's not really something that'll stop me! Click below if you want to know how I got around it!

With proper use of knife and green stuff obviously. Take a look at this wolf (which is not exactly the same, though similar. Also does this head look a bit like "rabbit with huge teeth" to anyone else?).

Looks a bit better? What I did is just cut it in half and turn the front "torso" a bit. It might not be evidend on this picture, but frankly... It's really difficult to take a shot on those. Since they're still missing their bases (and will for a while, till I order some 40 mm bases) they really don't want to stand still to get a picture. This is the best I could do:

They look a lot better, at least in my humble opinion. There's still a lot of green stuff work to do. So far, I only filled in the gaps. Now another layer will have to come, with fur sculpted on.

But that's not all yet!

Yep, a cyberwolf in very early stage of development. I'm actually pondering on adding more cybernetic enhancements on other wolves with cyberwolf obviously having much more of them and much more evident ones. Thoughts on this?

That's it for now. I'll write more on gameplay terms of those when I actually test them in battle. Also, the 303rd is on hold, still waiting for the SW battleforce to ship with missing shotguns.

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Great work. I like that you are always looking to take from other kits and even the fantasy side of GW. That makes a lot of your stuff very original & unique.


29 March 2010 at 22:48

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