The Howl  

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Time for some Wovles update now! Got a moment of break between the exams and finished something that's probably the grandest thing in the entire army! Its leader - Wolf Lord Sven Bloodhowl. On a Thunderwolf...

And here he is, in all his glory. Armed with "everything" that is, a Thunderhammer, a Storm Shield, Wolf Tooth Necklace, clad in Runic Armor and sat atop a Thunderwolf.

There are, of course, more pictures!

As you can see I also added a couple of other things, like the sculpted GS cloak with fur on it. I know it's texture is not perfect, but I will use that to make the cloak dirty and soaked with blood of his enemies. Or something. It turned out there isn't much room for anything else so the Runic part of his armor is going to be more painted, than sculpted.

Perhaps you noticed, that I used the same head, storm shield and backpack element as the terminator version of him. I just totally forgot about service studs I've added to the terminator later and so will have to add them here too. Ooops.

And for fun, size comparison with a regular Grey Hunter and a Rhino:

Now, some of you might wonder where did I get that wolf? It's been sculpted by a skilled polish sculptor and sold to one of your bits shops. You can see the other variants/get them here. (Now you guys owe me for a free ad!) I'd contact them via mail before purchasing it abroad though, I have no idea how/if they ship far away. I feel that this sculpt perfectly embodies what a Thunderwolf should be.

I have no idea how to paint it though, as in, what colors. I'll have to do much more research before that. And buy a can of primer...

Coming up next: Psykers Chimera and the first Space Wolves tutorial that you most likely will find handy for a lot of armies.

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Very cool wolf, and a really nice looking commander model.
That site has some very nice extra bits on it and is a good place bringing together lots of other bits sites as well.

14 June 2010 at 14:34

Very nice, can't wait to see that beast painted.

14 June 2010 at 17:21


14 June 2010 at 22:21

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