A hundred readers and the Great Company  

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Just yesterday I have finally reached the magical 100 followers mark. Wow. Thanks a lot for your continuous support guys!

But there's something entirely different I wanted to show you. I have been thinking for a while, about turnint my Space Wolf army into a full Great Company. A huge task, not to be achieved soon, but oh so tempting.

Expanding the Wolves is just so much easier and more pleasant than the Guard, at least that's what I feel. Should I want to expand the 42nd Cadian's 3rd Company, I would have to add... hundreds of guardsmen, the company being roughly 300 men(6 platoons with 5 squads each). The idea makes me shiver, thinking of all the painting, not to mention the though of the cost of the entire endeavour. Space Wolves on the other hand have roughyl 120 men in each of their Great Company, at least that's what I managed to find (Some other sources mentioned 150 - 1000.. which is quite a huge margin..), which is much easier to achieve (that's less than the guardsmen I already have...)

But to even start on such an ambitious project one needs a good plan. A great idea by Admiral Drax comes to the rescue however! Here it is, the (stolen!) Sven Bloodhowl's Great Company Chart!

It also makes it much easier to track down names of those characters for future background writing reference. The N/A parts are things currently not even planned, but would most likely be included in the full Great Company. Also there would probably be "a bit" more vehicles (But nothing as crazy as the Company described in the codex having 12 Land Raiders...). I don't know if I ever get to the full company though. Perhaps some other new shiny army will come round. And there's the Guard to expand as well.

Let me know what you think and if you have any idea on how a Company should look like! Also, I am working on a similar chart for the 42nd Cadian, should be done soon.

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That'll be one hell of an undertaking, I'll just be happy if I get my wolf army to have all the models I like in it.

Good luck with it though, I'm curious to see how you get on expanding it like that.

24 June 2010 at 14:05

Wow - that's a pretty impressive project!

Many congrats on the followers, too: rightly so!

- Chris.

24 June 2010 at 23:27

i know your IG pain...nothing is done in small portions with the IG...

28 June 2010 at 22:44

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