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Not a post filled with lots of content, but I believe the quality of it is quite decent! I have spent the past few weeks painting quite a lot (with breaks filled with reading Horus Heresy books - I should maybe review them at some point!) and the progress is really starting to show!

This time round it's finally some painted mini to be posted! I present to you a Wolf Guard with a Cyclone Missile Launcher!

Of course, there's more angles if you only click below!

I decided to take a break from Power Armor everywhere. Cyclone was quite an obvious choice to go as first as it's one of the Terminators that gets fielded in majority of my lists. Wolves Terminators are unfortunately not too effective (especially compared to other Marines), but this one is an exception!
Overall I'm satisfied with the result. The NMM isn't perfect, that's still something I need to practice more but yeah.. To practice I actually have to paint something. And I'm satisfied with the base, to my own amazement.

And to perhaps wet your appetite, here's the painting chart as it looks now:

As you can see there's quite a bit of green out there now, especially in the infantry department. Unfortunately my tank brush is ruined so vehicles have to wait till I pick up a new one.

There are a couple new planned things as well - including another character on a Thunderwolf! After I add the terminators, which I've already ordered that's the most likely candidate for next update. I decided that Thunderwolf Cavalry unit is perhaps a tad expensive to purchase and create... but two characters (While only one is a Wolf Lord of course, I will most likely field both as such, just because WGBL is rather... lacking rules-wise, compared to Lord) pack quite a punch as well and look just as good as a TWC unit!

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Really nice. Looking forward to those thunderwolf lords.

3 August 2010 at 14:06

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