Silent Wolves  

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So a break from the exams and some time to actually post some content, woo! This time, something that has been done for quite a while and a break from boring Power Armor - the Wolf Scouts!

While usually they're fielded in squads of 5, just with a Melta and a Mark of the Wulfen, but a full squad is ready, just in case!

Unfortunately they're more or less a suicude squad that can take off a critical target, but then is likely to get killed by anything. But the models are quite awesome, so I still like fielding them!  There's closeups of course!

The first three, regular chaps, I like the post of the one on the right.

I really enjoyed painting those models, sort of a crossbreed between painting IG and regular PA Wolves.

Next three, with Mark of the Wulfen model in the middle. Also, notice the base of the model on the right. I was planning to make it partly a mountain stream, but I still haven't found a good way to make water on the base, that would look good.

I decided to give him a chainsword to make him stand out, although the regular Scout chainsword was horrible.. So he got a regular one. Not too stealthy, I guess, but once in combat it doesn't matter much...

A Melta gunner and the plasma pistol on the right. Plasma pistol still hasn't seen the field of battle as it's quite an overpriced option, but I like the looks of it a lot!

Besides in a 10-man squad it could come in handy, since Scouts have only one special weapon per squad, no matter the size.

And the last model, armed with a Power Weapon, although not a pack leader, since Scouts are all highly individualistic.

There is a Power Fist/COmbi-Melta Wolf Guard that joins them from time to time, to add some additional firepower.

And that's it, hope you like them! Also, I just got another package full od DE stuff and I'm going to pre-order the new goodies as well, meaning DE will soon be very done and painting will begin!

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Man, you manage to make those scout models look really good!

I'm thinking of stealing your face tattoo idea as long as you don't mind.

20 May 2011 at 14:45


Of course, it's not like it's my idea in the first place, the codex mentions it. :p

22 May 2011 at 11:33

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