Like A Rain From the Sky  

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This time, I think my favourite vehicle in my army, aside from the Land Speeders. The humble Drop Pod.

It was really great fun to paint I actually like the overall effect. It's been painted with the most "battle damage" of all my models I think.

I have used various methods to paint these, washes, drybrushing dark color (such as Chaos Black) and more washes. You can see the effect in closeups.

You can see I used carious different washes on the metal surfaces. Normally it is not a good idea to apply washes to a large flat area as you could get a blotchy result, but since it is a Drop Pod that enters via atmosphere it actually looks good!

I drybrushed the lower part of the hull with Chaos Black trying to make burnt smudges left by the atmosphere entry. I also washed the lower metal part a lot.

The stripes on the doors were painted using Ron's great tutorial, alas I could not find a link right now. But everyone knows where to look, don't you?

The interior itself was great fun to paint as well. You probably cannot see it, but I painted the cables using thin lines of grey to represent the reflection of the light, taken from White Dwarf's Spave Wolves tutorial.

I like painting screens, can you tell? Those display status of each individual Marine mounted in the harnesses, while the top shows the angle of descent.

And that's it. It's also a break from the Space Wolves. Expect something... new, soon!

Also I wanted to start by apologizing for not posting in a while, but the I read this and reconsidered! :D

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16 July 2011 at 18:43

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