First Guardsmen!  

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That's how the first of the Guardsmen looks like. He's also the only painted Guardsmen so far. :p He's slightly converted, if you see the white rag on the gun and the additional bag.

Generally in the 42nd I paint everything according to that color scheme. The conscripts are just guardsmen straight out of the box, of course with the obligatory white stripe on the helmet. The regular guardsmen are getting slight conversions, while the veteran are painted in a camo scheme and each one of them is unique (I almost finished converting them! :)) The command squad guardsmen (bodyguards of the Junior Officers and the Senior one) are going to be just regular Guardsmen... At least till I get enough money to buy this.

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Wow those are fantastic! I'm really interested to know how you painted them. WHat colors did you use?

24 March 2009 at 10:54

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