Conscripts, fall in!  

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Took a while, not a lot of pics recently, I know. But here they are, Conscripts of the Cadian 42nd! Also including pictures of some heavy armor to aid the regiment on the field.

As usual, click below for more pics, flag for Polish version.
Also click here.

And here's the Basilisk. I painted it a while back actually, but haven't posted the photos yet.

If you look close at their armor, you will notice different highlits than on everything else. That was the original concept, but I like the current much more.

And a WIP Leman Russ. It's almost done, just a few details left to do.


Rekruci, zgłosić się!

Trochę to trwało i ostatnio nic nie wrzucałem, wiem. Ale proszę: Konskrypci 42 Cadii! A także zdjęcia trochę cięższego sprzętu wspierającego regiment na polu bitwy.

Kliknicjie też tu.

A oto Basilisk. Pomalowałem go już jakiś czas temu, ale nie wrzucałem do tej pory zdjęć.

Jeśli przyjrzycie się bliżej ich pancerzowi, zauważycie inne rozjaśnianie niż na pozostałych figsach. Taki był pierwszy koncept, ale ten teraz jest o wiele lepszy.

I niedokończony Leman Russ. Prawie gotowy, zostało jeszcze tylko kilka szczegółów.

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I love the scheme you've gone for, and your painting is so clean and light: I'm impressed!

I particularly like the vehicles - let's have more of the same, please...

Here's to the Guard!

- Admiral Drax

1 July 2008 at 17:16

Thank you very much for the comment. :)
I'm still expanding the army. I'm going to buy a Demolisher quite soon and might even get a Baneblade within a few weeks. Unless of course I decide to go for Macharius.

42nd's size is nearly 2k points (or 2k with a proper list) and soon it shall go Apocalyptic! :)

2 July 2008 at 08:52

very nice paint job on the conscripts. i really like the bases on them - makes the models seem larger.

the vehicles are looking good too. nice simple camo scheme.

always good to find another Guard player

- Cadian 127th

16 December 2008 at 09:35

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