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Not _that_ much today, but still. The Command Squad is now fully finished!

I'm quite proud of the guys, turned out quite well. There are of course flaws which annoy me (although I do find flaws immidiately in every single piece of my work, not matter what people say of it ;)), but all in all they turned out great. Especially the officer, let me re-iterate how much I love this model.

Clicky below for more pics of the rest of the squad!

And so the entire first platoon is ready for combat, fully converted, painted and based! The first platoon is supposed to be a special weapon platoon, armed with the Imperium's and Regiment's best equipment, hence the plasma guns and the Lascannons every squad has.

I was thinking for the new codex I'll probably move Lascannons into squad (and maybe double the ammount) on their own and add a second plasma to ever of those squads and/or add a squad with meltas. That'd make exactly for adding a vox fella and second plasma into each squad, but I'm not bothering with glueing anything, just in case those rumours weren't that accurate or I end up with a different vision.

Now the second platoon which is armed with more mundane weaponry. Namely Grenade Launchers all the way with some Autocannons and Missle Launchers! Even though flamers seem to be much more effective I just love grenade launchers. Maybe it comes a bit from DoW, where Grenades rock (DoW II rocks as well if you're wondering), but whatever. Maybe I'll swap out some guys with flamers in new codex or make 2xgrenade 2x flamer squads.

For now I'm pretty much painting the guys and not marking their squad assigments yet, till the new codex and new army list.

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Thats a lovely paint job. Looks very clean and crisp but also wartorn at the same time

I'm guessing the plasmagunners are converted, did you use the Space Marine plasmagun to do it?

All in all a very nice Command Squad.

- Cadian 127th

4 March 2009 at 18:31

It's a plasma pistol with a lasgun, vox backpack and some wire. I could maybe post some more detailed things if you want. :)


4 March 2009 at 18:50

Brilliant - so lifelike!

I love the FW officer: I have two - one as a work-in-progress with my veterans, and one which can be seen in his current state at the top of my blog's left-hand column.

Lovely painting - as always!

- Drax

4 March 2009 at 21:14

really good job! nice painting skills. I have a Cadian blog, check it out sometime!

- Craig @

23 March 2009 at 22:43

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