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Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to... 42nd Cadian Fast Attack forces! I've painted them a while back but never really showed them anywhere, I guess it's about damn time to do this!

Recently I have finished something else though, the second platoon is progressing nicely, I'll post up some pics of it soon! Still have 3 squads, 2 command squads, 2 veteran squads and a Demolisher to finish... Deadline: 2nd May!

Anyway, as always, click below for more pics!

First Sentinel, including its interior below. I painted it with great detail and when I glued in the extra armor I realised none of this is visible... oh well!

Sentinels, muchly overlooked by me, show their teeth in the 5th. Though their main use is supposed to be put a dent into soft rear armors of my enemies vehicles, ironically, they still didn't get a shot at it. It seems so far I only played armies with either no vehicles or vehicles that laugh at puny S7 with their all-round 14 AV. Oh well, they'll get theirs one day!

And here is one of my favourite Guard vehicles, the Hellhound! I am pondering wether not to do some converting and turn it into a Devildog with new codex, but we'll see about that. Just some chemical hazard markins on the tanks and perhaps slight alteration of the cannon and it should be fine. While I could one day purchase a FW kit for a really hot Hellhound...

That's all for tonight, folks! Coming soon, 42nd Heavy Support, 1st platoon parade of glory and my thoughts and concepts on new codex!

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Great! I love your colour scheme...and your new top banner!

- Drax.

15 March 2009 at 23:28

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