The Making Of - A Gaming Table - Part III  

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And the project of the gaming table continues. Here's a recap of yesterday's progress. The sanding is completed and some steps in linking the quarters are made. After this the table is more or less ready to play - but that doesn't mean it's finished!

Here's a shot of all four quarters with sand on them.

But all the parts are still separate and there's now way to link them into something stable. Of course you can lay them next to each other, but it would be better if some sort of linking was possible to strengthen the construction and prevent accidents with onepart slipping and falling down with whatever it was on it..

This little thing should help out...

Of course, hinges cannot link all the parts together, it's physically impossible. But as one edge is made with the L-shapes connecting it goes together quite nicely. Thus the quarters will be put together by the longer edges using these hinges.

The quarters have to be put together as close as they're supposed to be to make exact measures as to where to put the hinges. Also if you'll be doing something like that remember the hinges have to be parallely to the edges of the board, if they're slightly off something might break!

A problem arises however. The board is made of thin plywood and styrofoam. As such it is impossible to actually use screws to attach it. At least not regular screws. What's needed are screws with nuts, but that needs access from both sides of the plywood. And thus, knife goes into play again.

Once the hole is made it's easy to attach the hinge to one side.

I'm also considering doing something to that "maintenance hole", possible just sinking it all in PVA glue.

The proble was attaching it to the other half later. It sure took an agility of an eldar to hold it all together straight while attempting to get that silly screw through the nut evenly! But after much cursing and taking strange positions to hold t in place with legs the work is done!

This is how the quarters are connected, making the table composed of two halves now.

And here is the entire board as it is now.

The picture doesn't show slight uneven areas. The bottom right quarter as you look at it now has deformed slightly. The issue however can be fixed. I'll have to put something heavy on it and leave it for all day and it should go back to shape. There are also slight interspaces between the quarters, but it cannot really be avoided. I'll try to aybe fix them up later with sand and such. Though even the GW board seems to have the borders of its tiles visible!

Anyway, what remains to do is pretty much only painting. I'll probably do that in the afternoon today, if it won't be too hot and the sun won't be too annoying.

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good luck with the painting

my verification word is Cardhut... like a peice of terrain made from card!! how cool

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