The Making Of - A Gaming Table - Part IV  

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And here is the final or semi-final post about the gaming board! This time painting commences, a disaster strikes and the day is saved! Sounds exciting, almost as though it wasn't just piece of board and a brush!

But to the point, the final stage of getting the gaming board done was to, of course, paint it. So I went to a hardware store and bought two pots of paint. One as a basecoat would be dark brown and had to be made on the spot (mixed specifically to what I chose). The other was ready-made, a colour resembling Bleached Bone. All with the purpose of the board matching the basing of the 42nd.

Perhaps it wasn't the best idea, but let's not rush the facts.

Here's the brown, it actually darkened quite a bit after drying, which I consider a good thing.

And the painting begun. After approximately half of table done I looked into the paint pot... and began to worry.

And I was right. I ran out of paint, when there was just a corner left. Luckily though, the remains in the pot could have been watered down and the paitning could continue. If you look here and the far right corner, you can see the paint being slightly lighter. It actually did darken to the same colour after drying out, I was quite concerned with that! Unfortunately tehre wasn't enough paint to get the edges... I might have to pick up another pot later, it will come in handy for terran as well, so that the hills and whatnot can match in colour.

In hindsight, I could've probably watered down the entire pot. Would make for easier paitning and perhaps it wouldn't obscure the fine sand, which it did, even though I did my best to prevent it.

And now the time for highlight, here's the inconspiciously looking pot of the "Bleached Bone".

Disaster strikes! The attempt to drybursh is wasted and goes totally wrong. Just look at that.

I'm not sure I can describe what I felt then. Definitely not on the blog, I mean, there might be children reading. Only later I came to conclusion the culprit was wet brush. Be careful with that!
Luckily later on I manage to get the drybrushing done right... mostly.. Excludng the attempt with a painting roll. Don't do that! Here's a shot of the board with the "drybrushing" done. I sure can't leave it like that, huh?

Luckily I've had means to cover for those mistakes to some extent. Since the idea was to get a flat board with terrain layn on it, I couldn't really cover it up with hills, which I surely would. But even before I planned ot using something else - static grass!

Using the same grass that I utilise on my bases I managed to cover up most of these areas in patches of not-really-green-and-not-lush grasslands. Phew! Looks quite good, though it surely could've been way better. I was actualyl surprised that the packed I've used for entire army so far still was enough to cover such vast areas AND have a lot left, meaning I could make another 100 guardsmen without buying another. Nice!

And here's the almost finished board, with some models on it for demonstration purposes. I think you can see that the bases of the models match it quite well.

I said almost finished as there's still a few things to do, like painting the crevises and perhaps adding more details there... I have some ideas lying in my bits box. Also the edges still could use painting as well. And then... terrain! Lots of terrain is to be made! Some time at the end of this year we'll probably buy the CoD Imperial Sector and make the rest ourselves. Got a few hills here that would need detailing and painting, great looking trees my cousin made for a wood and there's also a lot of styrofoam left for more! I'll surely keep on posting as the terrain progresses and give you more shots as it develops. Also expect a battle report played on that table some time in the near future, though I'll have to smack my cousin to actually paint more of his models and stop using Grey Knights as Boyz and =I= Stormtroopers as Lootas!

I'll gladly hear your opinions, suggestions and hints on the board and future terrain!

Oooh and one more thing. The squad on the left on the last shot? It's the 302nd Veteran Squad fully finished. Expect a post within the next 24 hours. And now back to the flying thingy...

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