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Actually, this blog has existed for more than a year, so does the 42nd Cadian. Funny, when you think about it. I think it's about time to sum up what I've been through during that period of time. And to thank all of you regular readers, without which there would be nothing!

Some of you might remember that after a few months of semi-regular updates the blog went into a hiatus. There were very few readers (at least that's what I thought!), I was tired with translating every post.. And got slightly bored of 40k in general. Couldn't get myself to pick up the brush at all!

I don't really knwo what happened later. Perhaps it was first rumours of new IG dex, or maybe it was something else, but I decided to restart it all. To my surprise it appeared that people were still following the blog after such a long time! I think it gave me a second kick and let me pick up the brush again and restart the blog effort. And what a restart it was, eh?

Of course, the real breakthrough was the creation of From the Warp blogging group. It was Ron's awesome effort that introduced 42nd to the great internet and I'm sure 42nd wasn't the only one. I owe you a great deal, Ron, we all do.

During all that time I managed to finish nearly everything I own and get very close to that comfy place, where I'd field fully painted army. What is everything? I'll give you a list with fancy colours.

Fully painted
Not assembled

Regimental Command Squad (3 meltas, medic, stanard, Astropath, Officer of the Fleet, Master of Ordnance) - Chimera
Company Command Squad (4 meltas)
Commisar Lord

Psyker Battle Squad (10)

1st Platoon
Command Squad (unknown loadout)
Infantry Squad (Plasma, Missle)
Infantry Squad (Plasma, Missle)
Heavy Weapon Squad (Lascannon)
Conscripts (20)

2nd Platoon
Command Squad (3 flamers)
Infantry Squad (Grenade, Autocannon)
Infantry Squad (Grenade, Autocannon)
Infantry Squad (Grenade, Autocannon)
Infantry Squad (Grenade, Autocannon)
Special Weapon Squad (2xDemo, flamer)
Special Weapon Squad (2xDemo, flamer)

301st Vet squad (3xplasma) (sgt options for las pistol, plasma pistol, fist) - Chimera
302nd Vet squad (3xmelta) (alternative sergeant)
303rd Vet squad (3xmelta)

2xScout Sentinels (ML and AC)
Spearhead Sentinel (ML and PC)
2xVendetta (with options for Valk with MRPs)

Leman Russ Battle Tank (HBs)
Leman Russ Demolisher (PCs)

I promised to give a full shot of the entire army and give it I will! But first I'd like to get those things marked as started painted first.

I'm really happy to see all those painted things. And I'm starting to, gasp!, like my painting. Not too much though, there's still so much room for improvement.. Especially looking at stuff of some of you people out there!

What else is there to say? Thanks to all of you, dear readers! Whether you leave comments or not, whether you like what you see or not, thanks a lot for stopping by! It's very heartening when you know there's over 70 people checking in here from time to time! Although the greatest thanks have to go to two people especially.
First is Drax. He was the random person whos comments suddenly appeared on the tiny little-visited blog. I believe you are amongst the very first readers! Thanks for supporting me all the time and for you selflesness! The 40k community needs people like you!
Second is of course, Ron. From the Warp was a brilliant idea and you executed it flawlessly. Half of us would still be in the forest (as a polish saying goes). I know that you will continue to improve the group and I'll let you know, that if you ever need any help in that, I'm there!

(now a tiny fragment to those polish readers of mine, disregard that if you're not one of them)
Wam również dziękuję z całego serca! Różnymi kanałami otrzymałem od was wiele miłych słów. Przepraszam za lenistwo, które jest brakiem polskiej wersji bloga, zwłaszcza mistrza wałków! Mam nadzieję, że mimo to dalej będą Cię interesowały artykuły, które będę zamieszczał. A obiecuję, że będzie jeszcze wiele!

Now, what's next? What after I finish those last few things? Of course it's not over. We all know all too well that there's no escape from this plastic crack! I can promise you more content, though there might be less 42nd Cadian in 42nd Cadian.

I'm planning a new army and I'm actually torn on what to do. I suppose it will come with not surprise that it's going to be Space Wolves. I always loved their fluff the most and I actually wanted to have some Marines. Gah, creepy, I know! The Wolftime draws ever nearer! I was wondering whether I should just post everything here as usual or to make a new blog, dedicated to the Wolves. In the end I can see pros and cons to both ways, but I think the former is still better. After all that would mean there could be two blogs with seldom updates and diluted content.. But I'll think about it. What are your opinions?

Of course Wolves don't mean I'm stopping Guard. I'm not so naive, there is no escape from the Guard! Not until the little men overwhelm the room and take it over in the name of the Emperor and then there'll be so many of them they'll have their own administrative staff (I stole that from someone's signature on Warseer, sorry!) There are also other tiny projects that definitely will be here.

I guess that's it, what more can I say? I wish that the next 50 posts will be inspirational and will help people out there somehow. Failing that I hope they will be a good read/watch! I also wish you all the best with your own blogs, projects and life. Let the next year be great for us all!

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That's one hell of a year mate, here's to the next.

6 August 2009 at 22:27

I'll second that, and thanks for the vote of confidence. What else can I say? - I really like what you do.

And besides - 42nd Cadian are surely bound to be on good terms with their numerically inverted brethren in the 24th, aren't they?

Here's to the future. I played Space Wolves in 2nd edition, and I always enjoyed them.

7 August 2009 at 01:36

Wowie Jeez! That's a lot of infantry to paint... I about killed myself just trying to get a few squads painted in under a month. I'm only coming up on my 6 month mark... it takes some serious dedication to keep on blogging after a full year! Props to you, sir.

7 August 2009 at 07:19

love your blog, keep up the great work and if you can hit your standards on the wolves they'll look amazing too!
.. my word verification is SPLIT

8 August 2009 at 14:56

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