The first Wolf vehicle  

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After much debating and pondering on color schemes, which paints to use, techniques and such I have managed to settle on to something, that actually produced a *gasp* satysfying result! Here it is!

It turned out, following the shading method which is used for the Power Armor and drybrushing are the way to go. Here it is, the Rhino, Geri, in all it's glory.

And the glory on its other side.

Not how I attempted to "wolf-ify" it with use of some spare bits. There's of course more shots, if you click below.

The front. Slightly bland-ish.

The back that contains an important reminder for the squad within.

The very dark interior, first and only painted that way, though in retrospect perhaps this way was better after all...

The top. Vehicles, just like Marines, have their own sagas of the deeds they performed on the battlefield. Geri is an old Rhino, that has been in commission for longer than Sven Bloodhowl was the Great Lord. As such, it's exterior is extensively covered in writings, that depict it's heroic exploits. Also the top contains a scarily big freehand that actually looks like what it's supposed to be.

And lastly, the closeup on the gunner.

If you're curious, what does it say on top of it, I reccomend checking this out. All texts are in english, but written with Futhark, the runic alphabet of the vikings. I know I will be probably the only one who will ever know what does it say on it, but at least it looks good!

All in all I'm happy how it looks, especially from the distance.

Coming up next, more Grey Hunters. Also, the painting chart's current state:

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As I'm currently fussing over a vehicle myself, I can really appreciate what a good job you've done on this one. I'm not sure that painting vehicles won't eventually drive me bonkers.

10 August 2010 at 16:14

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