'nother pack - Grey Hunters #3 (Fixed post)  

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It seems this post got broken when I posted it the first time. This is a repost, with the missing content in place! Sorry, I have no idea what happened.

Almost there! This time, yet another Grey Hunter pack with their Wolf Guard. Just one more pack and I promise I'll post something more interesting!

The obligatory group shot:

This is the last pack I've painted. Quite possibly the best looking one, but see for yourself, by clicking below!

The first three with a lot of Wolf pelts. The guy on the right is using regular SM parts, gasp!

'nother three. There's a more helmets in this squad than the previous ones. In the middle a helm I didn't like at first, but it grew on me and sees more use now. On the right - hairy Mark of the Wulfen!

Finally, another beakie (I think I overused that helma bit!) carrying the melta gun and the squad leader, Harald!

And finally Maili Oddrsson, the Wolf Guard attached to the squad! I think this is my favourite. The Power Fist, taken from the Devastators kit, is simply awesome.

Aaaand that's it! Coming up soon is their Rhino, then I'll post something other than Grey Hunters, though there's only one small pack of them left!

In the other news, I took the 42nd Cadian to a yet another tournament on Saturday. It seems the Emperor smiled upon me, for I placed 3rd (out of 20-something) and got the "Best Painted Army" award as well! However, the 2100 pts format made me realise it's time to add some stuff to the Guard... I'll show you my plans soon! Now it's back to the painting, there's not a lot of Wolves left to do!

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