Striking from the Shadows  

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Time for the full unveiling of the finished project! Cadian Snipers, which will be count as Ratlings. I have no illusion to mediocre effectivness of the squad gameplay-wise... But I think they're quite damn effective model-wise!

And obligatory group shot!

And onto the individuals...

The simplest one - using the plastic Sniper Rifle that came with the Cadian CS.

You will notice they have different bases than the rest of the army. Considering fluff-wise they're supposed to be a spec-ops squad, I thought it fitting, that they occupy a different area than the rest of the army. The bases however still retain the basic elements used in the rest of the army. I even wrote up a bit of fluff on that. Generally speaking, those are ruins of an old Imperial defensive structure...

A running sniper with a helmet. She is running past a gunport. Perhaps a Heavy Stubber was mounted there once, perhaps something else.

Zemthar Secundus is an arid mining world located somewhere within Segmentum Obscurus. Back in M39 it was a rich world, capital of the subsector, it's southern hemisphere laden with huge mining complexes. Due to it richness and position multiple defensive structures were erected dotting the entire southern hemisphere and protecting the mines and hives alike, by a slightly paranoid governor. Since the sector was always a peacful place, his predecessors never thought it neccessary. They were finished circa 567.M39. It turned out it was just about time...

My favourite - casually smoking a lho-stick while leaning onto a ruined wall. I think you can picture her personality just as fine as I can! She will need to have a Russian name...

Shortly after the constructions finished a vast Orkish Waaagh! Bloodspilla started to pillage the entire sector. Around 590.M39 it has reached Zemthar system, the Imperial forces unable to contain it, due to the great speed in which it conquered weakly defended worlds and moved on.

The first shooting one - my favourite head. I guess I like ponytails.

The Waagh! has smashed into Zemthar Secundus with great force. It however met uprecedented resistance, only thanks to great defensive network. While the north was ravaged, the south has managed to hold for a very long time. It was only when the Orks managed to capture the elements of the local PDF Artillery company were they able to break through the powerful bastions.

Second shooty - this time wearing the hood. It didn't turn out as good as I hoped, but there had to be at least one hooded!

However it was too late. The defence lines have bought enough time for an Imperial Guard task force to arrive and save the day together with the aid of an unspecified Astartes chapter. Zemthar was saved, most of its defenses were ruined however. And it was not the end of bad news.

Lastly, the sergeant. While such a thing does not exist amongst the Ratlings, it sure does in disciplined 42nd! I finally managed to use that nifty laspistol from ForgeWorld, only a power weapon remains, yay.

Not even a century later dreaded reports came from Magos Geologists working within the mines - the rich veins of ore were running dry. The planet slowly declined, with its population either leaving to seek fortune elsewhere or simply dying of starvation. It was estimated that within a few centuries the world will only remain a small backwater colony, if it will not die out entirely... The once mighty defensive structures and mines rusted and were slowly reclaimed by the desert.

And lastly, a group shot of the cloaks. This time I sculpted them using modified Col. Corbane's method.

It was only two hundred years ago that Zemthar Secundus unexpectadly rose as a power in the sector once again. By accident vast deposits of resources were found deep under the northern hemisphere, which was previously believed to be barren. While the planet's economy flourished again, the sector is no longer as safe as it once was and war came to Zemthar system once again...

And that's it. I hope you liked the models and the little background story! What's next? Probably shots of some Wolves I still haven't posted. As for the Guard - another Chimera is finished and more vehicles are to come as soon as I have some disposable income. I really want to paint the snipers too, but unfortunately I ran out of black primer again.

I also have one more fun Guard project - Colonel Mordechai Emmet, which will be a count as for some monstrous special character.

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Good GS work! I'm looking forward to seeing how the female heads come out after they're painted. So far an excellent job.


20 September 2010 at 14:47

These are very nice. The GS work on them GREAT. Love the look of the bases as well.

20 September 2010 at 20:24

i absolutely LOVE these models, its such a refreshing way to use female models... Ive hated all female IG models ive seen before, but the idea that they would work in a specialist capacity like a sniper squad is fantastic!
Craig @ cadian 8th

20 February 2011 at 17:33

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