A Call to Arm... Names  

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Sooo, I have a problem. I can't think of any catchy names that I could apply to my Dark Eldar.

Therefore, I need your help! If you have any awesome DE names for:

  • A Kabal
  • A Wych Cult
  • A Haemonculi Coven
  • An Incubi Shrine
  • An Archon
  • A couple of Haemonculi
Don't be shy and leave a comment. So far I managed to come with Kabal of the Withered Skull. And that's about it. Also, I seem to recall that White Dwarf featured some nicely purple-painted Kabal. If anyone has a name and some background on it, I'd be really grateful!

By the way, I've went to a local store here and it's awesome. I got to see the new Grey Knight terminators and now I have a really strong urge to build a small Terminator-oriented force. We'll see. There's still like 400 pounds to be spent on finishing the current 3 armies...

Oh and I bought a blister of Razorwings. Just because. Also, one will make an excellent Chooser of the Slain.!

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