The Longbeards  

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Look what I found on my camera's memory card! Looks like I took some pictures back home with an intent of posting them, and I kinda forgot. Ooops! But nothing is lost!

So here I got some pictured of my two Long Fangs squads. Hope you enjoy them!

The first one, lead by Bjorg Longarm.

And the second, by Gudleifr Alienbane.

Of course there's more if you just click below.

So first of all, we have closeups Bjorg, a grizzled veteran of a thousand battles.

I gave him a modified Devastator backpack. While Space Wolves rely on their senses mostly, a little help does not hurt, something Bjorg has learned over all the years!

The next three chaps with Missile Launchers. As you can see each is slightly different. They're a combination of Tactical Squad ML, Devastator one, and the one from AoBR.

And from the back! Notice how all of them have grey hair, fitting for such old veterans!

The last ML chap and a single one with a Multi-Melta. Sadly, he doesn't find as much use, however the weapon was so awesome I had to use it!

And from the back!
The second squad leader - Gudleifr Alienbane. Once upon a time he has served in Deathwatch for quite a prolonged time and keeps a few keepsakes from that time, which he recalls with fondness. Firstly  - his name of course. The second thing is his black helmet. And the third - the litanies and the =I= signs on his shoulderpads.

He now uses his experience to guide his fellow Wolves.

Lascannons! First made just because they're awesome, but turned out to be really useful on the battlefield, even though an expensive option.

How is that not badass!
And the final three. More cheap Missile Launchers and a single Plasma Cannon.

The Cannon is pretty much same as the Multi-Melta. However notice that he has no squad markings on his shoulder. That's because in the future I might make a third squad that uses Plasma Cannons more extensively which will make a tad more sense than such mixed squad. But not anytime soon!

Aaand that's it. I have one more update coming up and then it'll have to wait till I get my army with me again.

By the way I would still appreciate help with the Dark Eldar!

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Those guys are looking really really good, and your work on the freehand for the shoulder pads, I'm so envious of you being able to do that.

29 March 2011 at 13:14

I used to be so pasionate about these kind of toys, actually you can't even call them toys in the right sense, but now my addiction is quite under supervision. Anyway, I have to say that I use often to come to you blog, just for a quick view.

11 August 2015 at 01:35

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