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Here we are, the second part of the 100-post, that I promised a while back. Photos of everything. Unfortunately I didn't have much time, to take the armies out and arrange them in some awesome back ground like Karitas did for example, still better than nothing, huh?

The 42nd Cadian and Sven Bloodhowl's Great Company occupy five shelves in total, leaving little place for anything else... And even for those I had to buy more shelves. Oh well, at least Space Wolves are quite compact and even if I add some more they shouldn't exceed their space... Hopefully...

Of course there's closeups!

Going from the bottom to the top! If you follow my blog you might notice there's some things I haven't shown before, well, they are coming, pretty soon as well!

Turns out I left the charger for the camera batteries in Denmark... Go me! Still, I managed to take a lot of pictures before they died, so there's plenty of updates coming in the next few weeks!

As you can see, the heavy stuff occupies the lower shelf. The upper isn't that much crammed, there's room for some Blood Claws *cough*.

The unfinished terminators in the foreground. The next thing to be done, whenever I get a chance to pick up the brush again!

Now the Guard, the not-so-vast-but-still-decent machine park of the 42nd. First Fast Attack then Heavy Support.

Damn those Valks sure take up a lot of space, don't they? Apologies for plastic attack! Those tanks are on schedule right after the last Wolves minis.

The Elite section. Or rather, Psykers with Veterans, who aren't elite anymore, but I don't really have many more Elites, and they used to be so...

All units in front of their respective Chimeras, or well, more or less.

Lastly the mass of infantry, with the new snipers in the front, who still cry out for some paint.

The platoons, which can't really be seen from that angle... Ooops.

And uh. That's it, looks like I ran out of minis. The ones on the top shelf are some single leftovers, like a single Cadian Sergeant left from the previous codex or a converted SoB Canoness I used to field in the past as well. They will get their time at some point though, I think.

I apologise for the quality of some shots, as I said above I can't really re-take them right now. Perhaps once I'm fully back I'll do some other army shots that will be more impressive..

Anyway, it also seems that the Dark Eldar have no space on the shelves... I guess some books will have to migrate and make room for more plastic crack. Soon I won't have room for anything in my room anymore, they're everywhere already anyway.

Looking forward to your opinions! And I hope you, on the other hand, look forward to the content coming up soon!

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Thats a mighty impressive collection. Having them all set out like that is really nice as well for keeping track of them.

Congrats on 100 posts.

19 April 2011 at 17:45

Nice looking bunch or army there!

19 April 2011 at 18:05

hey Hal'jin. great post to tease us a little as well as keep us up to date on what you're working on. really looking forward to seeing how the female snipers turn out, I also look forward to seeing those unpainted tanks a bit more, maybe a post when you get a chance of them, pre-paint, as Im intrigued to see the tank commanders you have popping out the tops of them!!
craig @cadian8th

19 April 2011 at 19:18

It really does warm the heart to see one's toys all laid out eh?

quite the collection!

and yeah, Valks are just huge. way huge.

bigger footprint than a baneblade.

19 April 2011 at 23:46

Thanks guys!

Oh, the Executioner one is a tad more interesting, I might do a post on... her, when it's done!

20 April 2011 at 08:30

ha! I thought it was a woman's head I could spy on there!!

20 April 2011 at 23:07

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