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What is that? Facebook widgets appeared all over the blog, gasp!

Since I moved to Denmark I had to actually make a Facebook account to keep in touch with people, and as such I though it might be an idea to introduce Facebook widgets onto the blog. I suppose every blog has to expand in some way, who knows what's next! For now it's the widgets, although I'm considering making a Facebook page for the 42nd and linking it together in some way, perhaps post smaller things on there, but... Is there a point to it? I suppose we already have Google Followers and such additional stuff is not really neccessary, but I'm interested to hear what do you think about it!

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I know nothing about it, but have been curious. I'll be following the comments here to see what you find out!

8 April 2011 at 17:25


My name is Kirsten Williams and I work with content for . We are now conducting a campaign towards blogs and for that reason, I am trying to get in touch with the person in charge of content and ads primarily on blogs.

Is that you, or is there someone else I should speak to? Thanks for your time.

Kirsten Williams. :)

15 April 2011 at 11:28

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