Lots of plasma death  

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Another addition, painted for the tournament. What I reckon is more or less, the best Leman Russ variant there is with today's metagame.

Leman Russ Execturioner, is what you've probably reckoned what I'm talking about. A great tank, both in rules and in looks, I love the plasma cannon!

But since the new Leman Russes lack the accessory sprue and I have a few Russes already, I had to do something with this one. So a little conversion was made...

All in all I am pleased in how it turned out although I do miss the extra stowage and the track guards that the accessory sprue provided.

And here's the little conversion, a female tank commander! She turned out quite okay I think, although in the greater scale of things it's quite an unnoticable details. I did have to sculpt... some.. parts.. considering the tank commander has no armour..

A little closeups on the plasma sponson.

And the main cannon. The OSL isn't perfect, seems I've done better  4 years ago, oops.

Anyway, the tank is really good and is definitely worth fielding, especially when there's an abundance of power armors running around. I've tested it with good results and it's also pretty much the only Leman Russ found in competetive Guard lists around here. It's also great fun to use, throwing 5 plasma cannon shots and looking the enemies burn is always fun! Go get one, if you play Guard!

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Looks good! I always loved the executioner, and you've definitely done up a fine example. Keep up the great work!

7 October 2011 at 15:54

great job!

Do you know the song: she's six feet tall with big hairy hands, she looks like a woman but she talks like a man, thats my Lola...

what big hands she has!! i think she should be named Lola, after the song!

7 October 2011 at 20:19

Thanks guys.

Oh yes, big hands, thank GW for that!

8 October 2011 at 10:38

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