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Another miniature that has waited for its turn for years now. My first ever special character. Someone very special in the regiment itself! I give you Lieutenant Colonel Mordechai Emmet, CO of the 42nd Cadian 3rd Company!

It all started with the Cadian Battleforce which came out with the new codex. There was a second officer and at first he was to be utilised with a second command squad with meltaguns, but I scratched that project after a while and used the melta guns for the 303rd Vet Squad instead. And then an idea occured to me. What if I made Straken out of him? There are bionic parts in there...

Of course, there's more.

No wait. It all started with the 4th ed. codex, where Emmet was a Vet. Sgt. of one of the plasma-bomb squads. Do you remember? But Emmet has long since moved on. I am planning a background piece on all important 42nd characters. One is almost finished. If you really want to check it out, there's a draft (or rather drafts) which I posted on Warseer. I will be posting it here soonish.

So I continued with the project and made him "special". I added the banner to the base mostly because I love banners. And it makes him stand out really well. Bionics were added to his face to complement the hand. Shotgun and such to make him match Straken's wargear.

A detail shot to show his hand. I hadn't modified it much, I really like the way it looks unmodified. Power Weapon to represent the fact that his attacks ignore armour saves, bionics giving him S6.

During the painting however I didn't really like the face when I finished it. Honestly, I think I just painted it poorly. It was the originial commander head from the Command Squad box. And then I found the old metal Emmet and an idea struck me... A few minutes later Emmet had his own face back!

All he needed now was some attentind staff. Mostly I think I'll field him with the main command squad, that is the Regimental Command. But in case I would want to field both commanders at once (An Apoc game, or an all-infantry list I am working on now) I scrapped together a squad for him!

If you've been reading this blog for a while you've seen all those plasma gunners. They have been taken away from the old squads that do not use them anymore. The 1st Platoon Command, and two squads of the 1st Platoon, that will now be equipped with only a Lascannon - part of my small restructurization of the infantry. The photo has a wierd effect on it, not sure what caused it, but as I said, there's nothing new on it.

And that's it, hope you've enjoyed it, more coming soon! I'm painting on!

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Man, this is impressive stuff!

9 October 2011 at 13:04

lovely stuff, great work!

25 October 2011 at 19:48

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