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I was going to post some pictures... But I left home for Easter and apparently forgot to bring the camera with me. When I'm back, expect a lot of updates as I nearly finished painting most things I have... Which brings me to the point of today's post: Shopping for new Guard!

The local store I like shopping in (and which I play in!) has put up new Guard on preorder now. The mania of spending all the money I have has begun!
It's a slightly horrible feeling to look upon your 2000+ pts army and then at the list of things you need and a pricetag equaling more or less what you've already spent on it! It's not easy to make a clear shopping list as well, especially since I don't have the codex in my hands yet and actually the list of things I might need is huge. Do you have the same feeling?

It seems 42nd will do quite a shift in its playstyle too with all the new additions. Amongst others they include: Two Valkyries, a Battleforce, two (or more) Chimeras, a new Leman Russ, a Primaris Psyker and one of the new Sentinels to add to the one in the Battleforce.

Valkyries speak for themself, they're just that awesome. Also there's no way you could proxy another model for it, it's just too different. I guess I'll put off the second however, hopefuly I can survive with one for a while, just that I need to acquire 2 TL Lascannons... somehow..

With the price drop of Chimeras they become excellent. Pack in Veterans with Plasmas (I'll probably be fielding two such squads, maybe it's better to pack both in a Chimera, but alternatively could take on squad with a Lascannon) into one and Meltas in the other and you can seriously harass your opponent. Not only! The veterans are scoring!
And because of Veterans being what they are I will need to buy more regular fellas to convert into them. I only did two 5-man squads (3 5-mans were intended, but somehow never did those last ones), I'll have to enlarge them and make a third squad. Luckily I acquired some SM meltas and my Vets won't have to look all the same like those silly guard metal models.

I've had two Lemans (Battle Tank and Demolisher) for a while now. Originally intending to field them together with a Basilisk I ended up throwing the latter out of the list in 5th ed. It just isn't the same with the true los. Not to mention its horrible minimum range. I ended up borrowing a second LRBT from people and it's about damn time to have my own. Yet, there are rumour about a new LR kit, which is quite annoying, since it's supposed to come out in ver near future, while having all new interesting things and allowing to build more variants.

Primaris Psyker and the new Command Squad from Battleforce are just things I'm buying out of their coolness factor. I love the wonderful bits in the Command Squad and I'd also love to field a Primaris. Command squad might also be useful in another way - Two Company Command squads might end up being a very good idea! More orders and ability to stack up advisors might be really annoying for the enemies of the Imperium.

Spearhead Sentinels are just win. 12/10/10 and a plasma cannon? Yes, please! Though with the intent of fielding two Valks it seems only one Sentinel squad will fit in, either plasma or the outflanking Autocannons (Which are a brilliant idea - coming out of flanks and shooting your enemy in the back armor. Too bad I still haven't played with someone that'd be very effective against. :p).

I still have no clue what to prioritise on this list (Well, one Valkyrie is a must just as it comes out!). Oh well, I just hope I'll manage to keep at least a bit of money.

So, what in your shopping cart?

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