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It's been a while since last update, gosh it's been a quiet November from my side. I figured I sohuld post something and since there's nothing really finished yet I'll post a nice WIP post (duh!)!

I'm nearing the completion of the first Grey Hunter pack, so I figured I'll just toss in a few pictures of those. They're coming along really nicely, love how they turn out in the end, even though a few things could've been done a bit better. But hey, take a look yourselves.

Obviously, there's more if you click below.

The three that are really finished first. Like how all those three turned out. You can see the melta on the right!

The back shows off my favourite element though - wolf furs. I'm painting them along the way described in a WD article and really liking the way they turn out!

Another two, which are next to be finished. You can see what a terrible face the one on the left has... And you can see the He-man on the right! I just couldn't paint his hair any other color..

And the last two. The model on the left is a "pack leader". There isn't anything to support him rules-wise, but he's the guy that'd lead the pack while the Wolf Guard isn't present. If the squad had any power fists or such, he'd be the guy with it. On the right on the other hand you can see the Mark of the Wulfen guy. It took me a while to figure how to make those and came up with this. Looking how fluff-wise pretty much every Grey Hunter should be tatooed I decided to enhance it, with a lil' inspiration from the codex. The MotW model has to have 3 things: A chainsword (The bolter wielding guys won't ever be one!), a wolf skull attached to his belt and his tattoo will be red, unlike the blue ones of the other models. Truth to be said only the last feature is defning, but I'm certainly sticking to all 3 aspects, even though there are plenty other models with chainswords and wolf skulls (though not at the belt), while none has a red tattoo.

And here's the only element done on the Wolf Guard. I take the WG heads out of the terminator box, helps them being truly unique! I'm pondering a lot on that Thunderhammer and how could i put Thunder in it..

And lastly, another WIP, a Dreadnaught conversion I've made. Truth to be said dreads are cool, but somehow I just can't see them pack a whole lot of punch on the tabletop... I guess I'll have to try him one day. He's just going to be a regular Dreadnaught. I shall fight the urge, but I know I shall fail and I'm so going to buythe venerable one that FW is said to be working on now!

And that's it for today. I can share a few other things though. I've played two practice games with my Wolves so far and I really love the army. I was fighting Orks at 1200 points and I had terminators in the list, which are a huge point sink at that point level and yet I managed to triumph once! We haven't finished the second battle, but it was going really well. In first I literally stomped my opponent, having lost only two terminators and getting a single wound on a Rune Priest during the entire game, but that's all thanks to table quarters deployment and Lootas not being able to reach me from the far corner... Perhaps we should've played on a smaller table! :p The second battle started awfully when Lootas decimated the entire Long Fang squad leaving just the brave terminator with a CML who passed like 15 saves! He then proceeded to smash trukks apart, lovely! The tide has turned when a drop pod with terminators arrived aided by scouts later and managed to tear through the Lootas (there were 2x10 of them and a Mek with a SAG). WHen the battle ended I had terminators and Scouts mopping up two remaining Lootas, a single GH squad and two Ork Trukks full of Boyz still in the middle of the table. It could've gone either way, but definitely wasn't as totally lost as I though when my LFs popped.

All in all Wolves are a very fun army. It certainly feels like a relief when you can finally punch someone in the face in combat and not just die horribly no matter what's attacking you! Grey Hunters win the games. If I had picked another GH and LF packs instead of terminators (They are expensive, oh yes...) I would have much easier time dealing with the greenskins.

Oh, and in the other news, I'm thinking about the next "chapter" to the story I've posted in a while. More will be revealed... Let me know if you liked it though! Also I hate how I really want to assemble stuff now. Putting Wolves together was a lot of fun! However I have made a resolution not to buy more minis till the end of the year, and till I paint at least the half of the units I've got... Oh well, I might go back to the Guard a lil' bit and put that third veteran squad together at last, especially since I have a few leftover scout shotguns now!

Also I'm devising another painting tutorial, related to Wolves. I'll have to think it through well however, so not just yet!

That's it for tonight I guess. It seems Wolves post attract less comments than the IG stuff but oh well! ;) Thanks for reading!

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They're coming along nicely.

How are you going to base them?


2 December 2009 at 07:46

Gotta love He-Man...!

Nice work. As always. Especially the furs.

13 December 2009 at 17:08

The first pack is always the hardest psrt, or at least that's what i've recently heared and this kinda helpped me to launch my first hand - made accesories collection. So, keep up with that work.

12 August 2015 at 19:46

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