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As I promised. 42nd Cadian log is back in business! Starting off with some showcase work I've done, just because I love the model. Then, we move on from 42nd machine park onto the nearly done platoon! Here we go.

Lord Marshal Graf Harazahn sees you! Fight in the Emperor's name!

And more shots of the Graf!

Now a sneak peak of an update to come. 42nd machine park, including Demolisher, LRBT, Basilisk, Hellhound and two recon Sentinels. More shots to come soon!

Finally a nearly finished (just basing) 1st Platoon, fully equipped with Plasma Guns and Lascannons! It took me really long to finally finish them, painting all those uniforms turned out really annoying the way I do it, so I had to force myself a bit.

More of the platoon, a WIP command squad which I'm working on as we speak. I decided to order a Cadian Upgrade pack from Forge World (I wrote about it a.. while ago). And as I decided, I did! Command squads are now showing off awesome parts from FW. I particularly love the officer pose. I'll pose up more once they're finished!

With the new IG codex coming up fairly soon I decided it's about time to stop slacking and get to work! I hope to paint everything I got left (Entire second platoon consisting of 4 squads...) before May, when I'll get my hands busy on some Valkiries, psykers and most likely even more guardsmen! Bear with me as there's still a long way to go.

That's it for today. Requests for closeups? Post 'em! Also, tell your friends that 42nd is back in business, ready to smack the enemies of the Imperium!

Also as the closing words, thanks for those comments in previous post. I honestly though everyone just forgot about this, it's nice to see I have some support. :)

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Is there anybody out there?  

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I wonder if anyone still checks this after the loooong period of inactivity.
If yes, then I aplogise for the lack of content, been busy with other things or just too bored to do stuff. But now with new IG on horizon and work I've decided to pick up with it all. Going to take photos throw them in and such.

For the glory of the Imperium!

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