1st Platoon Command  

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A small update today. But it's only foreshadowing what is to come. I present to you the re-built 1st Platon Command.

For a long time now 1st Platoon has done nothing more than just gathered dust on the shelf, since its loadout (Plasma + Lascannon) wasn't really the bread and butter of the new codex as much as it was of the old one. Also one of the squads got stripped down to the 32-A and 32-B Special Weapon Squads, so I swapped stuff around and they ended up with Missile Launchers instead of Lascannons. Which pretty much made for an even worse loadout.

But no more. Recently I have decided to re-structurize the Platoon entirely. While this particular Command Squad has been built at the same time as the 2nd Platoon one, it's been sitting there on the shelf, due to lack of use anywhere.

Now it changed. The Platoon was restructurised. Now the squads will be armed with just Lascannons, while the plasma guys have been moved, as you maybe noticed, to Emmet's Company Command Squad.

Of course that means I have to re-build the 3rd squad that I disbanded. It also means I have two Missile Launchers, so I'll be likely adding a third one to make a full heavy weapon squad. Just so that they do not go to waste, since it's hardly a useful unit (or one that I'd somehow like regardless)

You can see the base color-coding is now a permanent feature of the 1st Platoon as well!

And the poor JO that was used a lot in the last codex. He will now get a chance to get back into the thick of it!

That's it, but stay tuned for more. I will have you know, that everything playable (so excluding like 3 lone miniatures I have that don't fit anywhere) in the 42nd is now fully painted. Yep, that's it. I will have to paint up that squad I'm adding and I have aquired one more minor thing, but other than that 42nd is more-or-less fully finished (barring any future additions there might be!). Right now I'm also finishng up the last of Space Wolves. So soon there will be just Dark Eldar left to do and then probably Necrons. That of course doesn't mean I won't be adding to the Guard and SWs, I am actually about to do it (To IG what I mentioned, SW a minor thing as well, but for the sake of completness!). But now whenever I add something I can paint it straight away as there will be absolutely no backlog for those two armies! Yay me, I guess. Expect to see "a few" more updates very soon!

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The Background section  

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Introducing the background of the 42nd Cadian Regiment! A new section of the webpage that's dedicated to hold every silly thing I come up with every now and then. Once the background section rolls out more fully there will probably be a wider section for each of my armies as I write stuff up!

For now, it's just one page, sort of a teaser, the regimental organisation of the entire 42nd Cadian Regiment.

Making this chart makes me actually quite excited about my own regiment, each Company has its own distinct feel (at least in my head) and perhaps someone will like the idea and maybe one day there will be another company of the 42nd out there!

The panel on the right for now will serve as means to getting to the Background section. More will appear as I finish up writing it, for now, I invite you to check this cool chart out!

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Posting Schedules and the State of Things  

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A couple of days ago, Ron over at FTW has posted a very nice post with some ideas to improve a blog. They weren't any groundbreaking thruths, however it never occured to me, that I could simply make a regular posting schedule.

Since I have had long periods without any posts I reckon it's about time to put some discipline into my writing. So from now on, new posts will appear each Monday and Thursday. Failing to produce enough content for two posts per week, it will be just one of those days, still a post should appear every week. I'm going to be writing them during the weekend as per Ron's advice and we'll see how it goes!

There's plenty of content coming for all my armies, so there should be something for everyone out there. I hope you'll like it as much as I like it! The 42nd Cadian is now fully painted, with every playable model finished! There are some small additions coming too. I wanted to add an entire platoon at some point, but the ammount of money and work I'd have to put into it has put it off to a little later date. I have also come up with a very fun-sounding Space Wolves list, that would require some shopping, so I'm considering this next. If I bought the needed things, I'd more or less finish me Wolves too. The only thing left would be to pursue the entire Great Company, but that is a great task that should probably wait till I actually get a real paid job, rather than being a student, considering the ammount of stuff needed! The Dark Eldar are pretty much done building-wise. I am only lacking a second Haemonculus, that I want to make out of the new Lhaeman, but I'm still waiting for it to arrive to my local store. Other than that, shopping's pretty much over. 

I have shown you a mystery project a while ago. Here you, go some more on it:

Got a clue yet? Pre-Heresy Marines, using the Grey Knights codex. I think it's fairly obvious which legion it could be now. However this is now put on hold. It was supposed to be a small force, however it still is expensive to make. Also, the new Chaos codex is coming out at some point soon they say, so perhaps it will have a better ruleset to represent the Thousand Sons. I could then make an army like the Death Guard that featured on BoLS at some point. Part-traitor, part-loyalist that could be played as either. That could be quite fun to make, so I'll wait for now. Also new Tzeentchian-themed kits from FW as well as possible plastics coming with new codex could provide for some nice bits.

The second thing I wanted to talk about is the new Necrons.

There has been a lot of talk about them in the internet. In case you missed the leaks, check them out on Dakka. I, for one, like them really really much. So much that I am seriously considering a small Necron force. I even have plenty of fluff ideas regarding them! I'll hold off till the codex actually comes out, but I have to say that they sound like a really fun army to play, especially with all the fun mechanics, such as the entropic attacks!

The models are also quite amazing, although I do have some conversion ideas for the basic Warriors in my mind. We'll see how it goes, although I would like to finish off the Space Wolves at least before I get another army. Also my cabinet doesn't have much room left...

Well that's it for today! See you on Thursday! Edit: It seems Blogger has broken my hiding of full posts thingy. I'll look into it later, but for now the Read More button doesn't really do anything...

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Time for something heavier again. Two newly painted vehicles sported by the 42nd Cadian!

Starting off with the Chimera of the 303rd Veteran squad. Nothing too fancy, just a regular Chimera, although I did decide to put a tank commander on there to help it stand out a little. Also since there is no accessory sprue in the kits anymore...

A little shot from a different angle.

From the rear, you can clearly see the 303rd squad number on it! Also shows how dull is a Chimera without the stowage...

And a closeup on the tank commander. I actually really like the new version of him, looks good!

But the Chimera isn't the only thing, there's also an additional Leman Russ in its most basic variant!

I did have some leftover accessories so I could spice him up a little. Also I have to say I really like the new LRBT design. Even though it isn't much different the turret just feels better.

A shot on the rear

And a little closeup on the turret.

All in all I am quite pleased with those. Although it seems that the humble LRBT isn't as efficient as it used to be and I am only noticing it now. Even though it kills Marines quite nicely it just doesn't have the "oomph" other HS choices have. Oh well, I still do have two and will field them from time to time. Maybe if I get to do the Armored Company I was thinking of...

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Man of Iron  

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Another miniature that has waited for its turn for years now. My first ever special character. Someone very special in the regiment itself! I give you Lieutenant Colonel Mordechai Emmet, CO of the 42nd Cadian 3rd Company!

It all started with the Cadian Battleforce which came out with the new codex. There was a second officer and at first he was to be utilised with a second command squad with meltaguns, but I scratched that project after a while and used the melta guns for the 303rd Vet Squad instead. And then an idea occured to me. What if I made Straken out of him? There are bionic parts in there...

Of course, there's more.

No wait. It all started with the 4th ed. codex, where Emmet was a Vet. Sgt. of one of the plasma-bomb squads. Do you remember? But Emmet has long since moved on. I am planning a background piece on all important 42nd characters. One is almost finished. If you really want to check it out, there's a draft (or rather drafts) which I posted on Warseer. I will be posting it here soonish.

So I continued with the project and made him "special". I added the banner to the base mostly because I love banners. And it makes him stand out really well. Bionics were added to his face to complement the hand. Shotgun and such to make him match Straken's wargear.

A detail shot to show his hand. I hadn't modified it much, I really like the way it looks unmodified. Power Weapon to represent the fact that his attacks ignore armour saves, bionics giving him S6.

During the painting however I didn't really like the face when I finished it. Honestly, I think I just painted it poorly. It was the originial commander head from the Command Squad box. And then I found the old metal Emmet and an idea struck me... A few minutes later Emmet had his own face back!

All he needed now was some attentind staff. Mostly I think I'll field him with the main command squad, that is the Regimental Command. But in case I would want to field both commanders at once (An Apoc game, or an all-infantry list I am working on now) I scrapped together a squad for him!

If you've been reading this blog for a while you've seen all those plasma gunners. They have been taken away from the old squads that do not use them anymore. The 1st Platoon Command, and two squads of the 1st Platoon, that will now be equipped with only a Lascannon - part of my small restructurization of the infantry. The photo has a wierd effect on it, not sure what caused it, but as I said, there's nothing new on it.

And that's it, hope you've enjoyed it, more coming soon! I'm painting on!

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Lots of plasma death  

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Another addition, painted for the tournament. What I reckon is more or less, the best Leman Russ variant there is with today's metagame.

Leman Russ Execturioner, is what you've probably reckoned what I'm talking about. A great tank, both in rules and in looks, I love the plasma cannon!

But since the new Leman Russes lack the accessory sprue and I have a few Russes already, I had to do something with this one. So a little conversion was made...

All in all I am pleased in how it turned out although I do miss the extra stowage and the track guards that the accessory sprue provided.

And here's the little conversion, a female tank commander! She turned out quite okay I think, although in the greater scale of things it's quite an unnoticable details. I did have to sculpt... some.. parts.. considering the tank commander has no armour..

A little closeups on the plasma sponson.

And the main cannon. The OSL isn't perfect, seems I've done better  4 years ago, oops.

Anyway, the tank is really good and is definitely worth fielding, especially when there's an abundance of power armors running around. I've tested it with good results and it's also pretty much the only Leman Russ found in competetive Guard lists around here. It's also great fun to use, throwing 5 plasma cannon shots and looking the enemies burn is always fun! Go get one, if you play Guard!

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Obey without question!  

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Here comes the first part of promised Guard content! Starting off with a not-quite-nice gentleman.

Lieutenant-Comissar Agnus Espian is an attachment to the 2nd Platoon in times of need, when the guardsmen of the 32- need that little extra morale boost.

Of course there are more pictures.

Agnus is converted from my favourite Comissar model - the guy with the power fist. Unfortunately, since Infantry Squad Comissars cannot equip fists, I had to alter him a little bit.

I'm quite pleased with the result, it was a simple arm swap that required some metal polishing on the back, to remove the power generator he carried there.

A little closeup on his breastplate and belt:

And on the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer he is reading from.

Also, the Comissar only joins the 2nd when I intend to use them as a power weapon blob, so the sergeants needed some new equipment sent their way.

Yay for first power weapons in the Guard! They're magnetised of course, so I can swap them with chainswords they usually carry. I will most likely end up doing a 4th power weapon for the 324 squad, but those were made with a tournament deadline in mind and I only fielded 3 squads there.

From a gaming perspective this squad is actually quite damn powerful, even without Straken (with him it turns into quite a killing machine). On the tournament they managed to chop up a Grey Hunter squad with Njal (the bugger survived though, long enough for more Grey Hunters to pour into the combat), 10 Eldar Harlequins that assaulted them and a squad of 8 Khorne Berserkers. It sure was a lot of fun to roll those dice and chop up such killy things in close combat as IG!

And that's it for today,s tay tuned for more! Also you might have noticed a new panel on the right. More on this soon as well!

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