'eavy Armor  

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Last post from my own comfy chair in Poland. Tomorrow a 12+ hour car trip ahead of me, hooray! But I have taken plenty of pictures to last for at least the next full month of content, woo! This time, some heavy armour!

Fun fact. The rear part of the turret is magnetised, in case I'd ever want th ebattery that goes with the Lascannons, but it apparently tilted a little (The magnet is a little too weak with all that plastic inbetween) and I haven't noticed, and I can't really take new shots. Ooops!

Of course there's more!

As I mentioned, oops! The back hatch is openable and it's actually the inside wall of the Rhino stuck right there. It isn't painted though, and is quite pointless anyway, so I didn't really take a picture.

Another tilted thing, the damned sponsons! One actually snapped on me, due to carelessly applied glue. It was a real pain to reattach! Still, seems 3 mm diameter magnets aren't that tough, but the bigger ones won't fit. Oh well. If you tilt them up they stay that way till you bump the tank, so it's okay

I tried to Wolf-ify the tank somewhat hence the tails, tails everywhere. And of course the runic inscriptions.

And some runic plates, just like the Land Raider.

And that's it. As I'm writing it I realised that I didn't take a closeup of the tank commander. Sorry! Still, I hope you liked it.

I think it looks pretty decent, too bad it doesn't see battle often. The Predators are really handicapped in this edition with all the defensive weapons nonsense. This loadout seems to be the best for the price, but it's still mostly a pillbox. But still, I liked the model so I took it. Also I'm not a fan of 3x5 ML Long Fangs... Although maybe the Vindicator would have been a better choice. I guess I'll have to have both!

And now, time to mentally prepare for a long trip. See you in 1200 kilometers!

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Lightning From the Sky  

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And here... we... go..! Starting off a new hundred of posts with another Rune Priest. This one is a fully custom conversion, made from spare Wolf Pack parts and some green stuff to boot.

His name is Radulf Wisewolf and he usually runs around with Living Lightning and Jaws of the World Wolf. He also lost an eye. Somewhere.

That's not all, obviously!

As you can see his second shoulder pad clearly bears the mark of the Great Wolf's company, to which all the Priesthood belongs and is only assigned to companies as needed.

The weapon he carries is the original metal Rune Priest weapon. Since the previous one got a little weapon swap, I thought it'd be nice to actually use this one anyway. It also helps him stand out a little.

The other thing, to make him stand out in the squads was to use nmm all over, as with all the other HQ/Elites. Since the model is made out of regular Wolf Pack bits it had to have something!

Here you have a closeup on the face, and the sculpted runic shoulder pad! You might also notice.. I have no idea what exactly it is, other than it is a part of the Psychic Hood, the metal Rune Priest has.

And the weapon, with the "glow" effect. It isn't as good as some out there, but I think it looks quite okay, since I did want a very faint effect.

And lastly, his Chooser of the Slain, which I would show more of except that... I only got him recently. Yep, a cheap idea, I will use one of the DE Razorwings. I cut off some of those shard claw parts and will paint him as a raven.

And that's it for today, thanks for reading!

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The Great Summary  

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Here we are, the second part of the 100-post, that I promised a while back. Photos of everything. Unfortunately I didn't have much time, to take the armies out and arrange them in some awesome back ground like Karitas did for example, still better than nothing, huh?

The 42nd Cadian and Sven Bloodhowl's Great Company occupy five shelves in total, leaving little place for anything else... And even for those I had to buy more shelves. Oh well, at least Space Wolves are quite compact and even if I add some more they shouldn't exceed their space... Hopefully...

Of course there's closeups!

Going from the bottom to the top! If you follow my blog you might notice there's some things I haven't shown before, well, they are coming, pretty soon as well!

Turns out I left the charger for the camera batteries in Denmark... Go me! Still, I managed to take a lot of pictures before they died, so there's plenty of updates coming in the next few weeks!

As you can see, the heavy stuff occupies the lower shelf. The upper isn't that much crammed, there's room for some Blood Claws *cough*.

The unfinished terminators in the foreground. The next thing to be done, whenever I get a chance to pick up the brush again!

Now the Guard, the not-so-vast-but-still-decent machine park of the 42nd. First Fast Attack then Heavy Support.

Damn those Valks sure take up a lot of space, don't they? Apologies for plastic attack! Those tanks are on schedule right after the last Wolves minis.

The Elite section. Or rather, Psykers with Veterans, who aren't elite anymore, but I don't really have many more Elites, and they used to be so...

All units in front of their respective Chimeras, or well, more or less.

Lastly the mass of infantry, with the new snipers in the front, who still cry out for some paint.

The platoons, which can't really be seen from that angle... Ooops.

And uh. That's it, looks like I ran out of minis. The ones on the top shelf are some single leftovers, like a single Cadian Sergeant left from the previous codex or a converted SoB Canoness I used to field in the past as well. They will get their time at some point though, I think.

I apologise for the quality of some shots, as I said above I can't really re-take them right now. Perhaps once I'm fully back I'll do some other army shots that will be more impressive..

Anyway, it also seems that the Dark Eldar have no space on the shelves... I guess some books will have to migrate and make room for more plastic crack. Soon I won't have room for anything in my room anymore, they're everywhere already anyway.

Looking forward to your opinions! And I hope you, on the other hand, look forward to the content coming up soon!

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Moving on with the times  

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What is that? Facebook widgets appeared all over the blog, gasp!

Since I moved to Denmark I had to actually make a Facebook account to keep in touch with people, and as such I though it might be an idea to introduce Facebook widgets onto the blog. I suppose every blog has to expand in some way, who knows what's next! For now it's the widgets, although I'm considering making a Facebook page for the 42nd and linking it together in some way, perhaps post smaller things on there, but... Is there a point to it? I suppose we already have Google Followers and such additional stuff is not really neccessary, but I'm interested to hear what do you think about it!

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A new century of posts  

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Yay, a hundred posts. Finally. This took way longer than it should have, but I'm finally there! There's a few changes coming to the blog, but nothing major. I was planning to take some nice group shots of all my armies, unfortunately, since I'm still not home, it's going to be delayed a little. But it will eventually come!

I guess the only thing I can do for now is show you the fancy army lists and talk about my plans. Hooray!

Starting off with the classic - the 42nd itself.

As you can see there's still a lot of Guard stuff I want to add and still a lot of unfinished new stuff, including the female sniper squad I've done a while earlier. Those will be dealt with as soon as I'm done with the Wolves (since those have the least unpainted models).

I'm planning to add a lot of vehicles as you can see and another platoon... Although that one isn't 100% sure since it's a lot of painting again. Probably going to finish off other things before that. The entire thing is about 4255 points. And that's a lot of stuff, geez! What I currently own alots to measly 3585, which compared to most of Guard armies I've seen out there is nothing. Oh well!

Next up are the Space Wolves of the Sven Bloodhowl's Great Company.

As you can see nearly everything I own is painted. A handful of things I'd like to eventually add, although none of these are a high priority for me (The Blood Claws are the most likely to come in the near future). The Battle Leader is only awaiting final assembly, because I'm still lacking a 60 mm base to put him one. The other things are just fancy options I wouldn't mind having at some point. This clocks at 4496 points of which I own 3856. More than the Guard, that's embarassing.

And finally the Dark Eldar.

Lots and lots of white here. There's a purchase for them imminent after which they should be nicely playable at low points. But there's still loads of things I'd like to do with them. 1160 out of 4173 here.

And that's about it. What to expect in the future? First of all I'm going home next week and I'll probably get an army with me, so you can expect some battle reports, also maybe some painting progress (although I might not have time for that as well as gaming, for a while, since exams are approaching). There's definitely going to be some tutorials upcoming for a couple of things. Some Dark Eldar conversions that I have in mind and such. Also I'm planning to do some shots of the store here and GW store in Copenhagen, at least for my polish readers to see. I hope you stay with me!

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The Lonely Howl  

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One more thing that was stuck on my camera. Probably one of the best models in my army. The Lone Wolf.

He used to be a proud Grey Hunter. Until that day. He used to have a name. Until that day. He had companions, brothers that relied on him. Until that day.

Now he calls himself Einarr (which roughly translates to "lone"). He seeks but one thing. Glorious death, in the name of his brothers.

As always, there's more.

Armed with a Chainfist and a Storm Shield this guy is pretty annoying to any opponent. You cannot ignore him, since the Chainfist can deal quite a lot of damage, especially to your vehicles, and the if you shoot him, you can waste a lot of firepower due to his quite high survivability.

He did some quite amazing feats, like holding 20 orks in combat long enough for the rest of the army to get into proper position to whoop them.

Here's a closeup on his face. Notice the tattoo is red, like the Wulfen in the squads.

Also it seems he isn't just avenging his Space Wolf brothers. Sees like some other Marines didn't do quite well here...

And the shield detail.
I hope you guys liked him at least half as much as I loved painting him! It was certainly one of the most fun models to do, but probabl mostly because I love Terminators.

And that's it, until I get my army! Don't be shy to leave me a comment.

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