Project Manticore - Complete!  

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Finally it's here! The Manticore is (well, almost) fully painted and ready for battle! Not sure when will I find time to actually battle-test it, but hopefuly soon!

If you missed the previous posts (Whole... both of them) you can find them here. There you will find the overall process of modelling. Now is the time to show the glorious finish!

It's funny how much you can do out of the lots of bits you have lying around. Especially when you think about unorthodox use of those!

Obviously there's more picures if you click below!

The front...

...and the rear... well as the side! Which, as you can probably see, was made to look like the sides of the new recut Chimera chasis. It is slightly uneven, I know, I know. It's also recessed, like the new one.

A closeup on the turret. How do you like the radar?

And the simple, humble missles.

Got comments? Questions? Shoot! I'd love to hear them.

Overall the work on this model was a real pleasure. It was more-or-less my first scratchbuild like that, not counting the Commissar, though that was purely GS work.
Will I do more? I don't know, but most likely - no. It was a good experiece, but there are no other vehicles I'd want that don't have kits. However, I might look into making a certain cavalry unit for another army at some point in the future...

Now just finishing touches on psykers and I'll have another post coming up... Also next week the Wolves should start hitting the shelves. I'll have to pick something up, oh yes...

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The Firstborn Stand!  

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You wanted more Guard? Here you have more Guard! Not Cadians though - Vostroyans! Not quite mine too, it's a commision work. My first, even!

I will keep you updated on the progress of those, of course. Here are some shots.

Of course, as usual, there's more.

As you can see, it's a random bunch of differen Vostroyans. I'll be starting work on them next week, then I'll divide them into painting groups. In all honesty, I can't wait. Those minis are simply awesome! Check those snipers too:

I'm supposed to just paint, no basing or anything more. Still going to be quite a bit to do. What will they look like? "Codex" colours. Check out this one:

It actually is painted by me, since he used to be mine, over a year ago. I bet some of the minis I'm going to paint were once mine too. Won't have any doubt so or problems with those!

But before I start on the commision I have to finally finish my Manticore and Psykers! I'll get to them over the weekend (Yes, yes, I was supposed to have done it ages ago, I know!), expect pictures soon! I've been kept busy by a few other things, including this.

If you haven't read it, go do it! I've only started, but I have to say it's excellent so far! I'll write up som review once I'm done, I think.

That's it for today, thanks for reading!

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Project Manticore - Finished Model  

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I've finally finished the Manticore construction! I got a bit carried away while creating it and as such I forgot to take stage-by-stage pictures, sorry! However I still have a couple, here they are.

These are the shots of the Manticore after all the modelling with plasticard and bits has been finished, from various angles. You can also see the Psyker Chimera in the background, however it's not finished in them. I have it done too though and will post some pics as soon as I paint it up, together with the Psykers!

As usual, there's more shots if you only click below.

If you're wondering, the radar is, in fact, an inverted searchlight.. Missles are stolen from Valks, as I have mentioned. The other bits come from various random leftover vehicle parts.

Also, you ptobably noticed I carved into the sides and made them thinner - like the new Chimera chassis. I like the look of that and thought it'd be fun to try and do it. It isn't as straight as I wanted though... but I guess it's good enough.

These shots have been taken after the work with Green Stuff has been completed and as such, it's the complete model, awaiting undercoating!

Yep, those missles aren't finished in that picture, but they will be for the final model!

And that's it for today! I'd lvoe to hear your opinions. As it is now, the Manticore is undercoated and painted with base colours. To move on however, I will need to buy a bit more paint...

Also, have you seen these? They're simple awesome. I can't wait to get my hands on those kits!

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Project Manticore - Lift Off!  

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I was supposed to finish those silly Psykers, but when the parcel arrived I just couldn't stop myself.. Thus, I present to you the beginning of my work on the Manticore! It's shaping up to look quite good.

But, see for yourself!

First off, I started with a Chimera hull...

And a "Warning! Gas!" sign..

Click below to see what I did with those!

First, the Chimera sides needed a little trimming of the outstanding elements.

The lower part of the Hull (This is the part to which the rear doors are attached) was also shortened a little bit. What you see in the picture was further altered however.

And then use the plasticard to slowly create the hull of the Manticore.

Here it's closed already.

And a shot at the bottom.

The beginning of the work on the turret. Like always I forogt about magnets till the hull was sealed... But I managed to work around that.

Aaand here's how it's looking right now.

The work continues! I'd lvoe to hear your opinions. Mine is that the turret and missles are a bit too small, but I can't really do much about the latter. But it looks good enough.

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Another round of reinforcements  

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Finally, after waiting 3 weeks, my parcel arrives! Looky!

Expect some really awesome stuff coming soon! What am I going to do with those? Two fun projcets: Adepta Astra Telepathica Chimera and a Manticore!

...and then I'll need one more of those damn things! Oh and.. psykers.. I'm going to work on them.. soon. I really got de-motivated recently, really have to pick it up.

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