Almost into the Realspace  

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I finally managed to sit down and pick up the brush. Yaay. Here are the first test models for the Dark Eldar.

Starting with a humble Kabalite.

As usual, more shots.

I like how he turned out, was fun to paint something purple for a change. I am not entirely sold on the colors of the base however. Mostly because I need to buy new Catachan Green, mine is just very very very old.

And a WIP Raider. Okay, I suck at edge highlighing since I haven't painted in a looong while. Hopefully it will get better. It looks good from a distance though so it's not that bad!

And that's it for now, back to the Raider!

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Too many projects at once syndrome!  

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Damn you, Black Library, damn you!

Let's see if you can figure what's that going to be!

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