The Dark Mastermind  

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More evil space elves! This time, the guy behind it all, the Archon - Ecthos, I called him.

I really liked the original metal model for the Archon, but I decided it needs at least a little bit personification. And I'd rather have him have different wargear. Thus, a little (Not too complex though. I hate Dark Eldar for that, I really want to do some heavily converted army but the original models are just so awesome I can't think of a way to improve them..) conversion work and here we go!

To add some more awesomness to the most important Eldar around, I put him on a much more elaborate base.

There are of course more shots.

He is equipped with an Agonizer, Splinter Pistol, Phantasm Grenade Launcher (although I probably should've magnetised that in case he doesn't go with Incubi as previously planned) and a Shadow Field. I wonder if I could do some fancy painting trick to represent the last one.

I used the pike from the Raider to add something in the background, so that the base isn't as flat. Then I though it would look much better if I sculpted some foliage on it, in line with that on the ground.

Originally I intended for the entire model to be magnetised, but those arms are small. Almost impossible. Unfortunately I almost ruined the entire model drilling the hole for the Agoniser arm, thus it is there to stuf. Splinter Pistol can be exchanged, for something else just in case.

And a little closeup on the skulls for the thro.. er, nevermind

Anyway, I have been readng Horus Heresy again. And I feel a huge craving to do another Marine army, curse you GW! But since there's still some Wolves left to paint, hopefuly I'll sate that Marine-hunger. Although Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons would be quite awesome, perhaps one day...

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Introducing the Kabal of Last Hatred  

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The moment I saw them I knew they had to be mine. Even though the Emperor resides firmly in my heart I broke. The first Xenos in my hands. But how many of us failed to resist those excellent models? Introducing... the Kabal of Last Hatred.

The Kabal has a pretty strong theme of necromancy going, although I am unsure how best to represent it. I would've done some conversions but.. the models are so exccelt without any modifications I find it hard to do. But the Kabal has a nice backstory I could expand on, while it also has my favourite paint style for the DE - purple! Some painting methods will be applied to reinforce the tone and I had a funny idea for the Beasts... Of course Wracks are perfect opportunity for those as well, but again, I love those models. Damnit.

Anyway, enough idle talk, the Kabalites!

Want more? There is more!

The Kabalites are armed with a Blater and a Splinter Cannon. Probably the best loadout they could have. I tried Dark Lance equipped ones in some battles and they failed miserably. Blaster and SC give them mobility which the DE are all about. Of course they should probably ride around in Raiders which unfortunately I did not have enough of at that point.

Anyway, the models are just models, you've probably seen hundreds of unpainted DE on the internet. Let's look at more interesting points, the bases for instance.

I got inspired by resin bases I found on the internet. I actually planned to fit this army on some, from MicroArt, but none really fit the army as I imagined it. I found bases elsewhere but then I though I need not pay so much, I can do it myself! With careful application of a compass (Seriously, that's an english name for that tool? Really?) I scratched into the surface of epoxide mass and made patterns and runes. I added some skulls (I bought 80 skulls for around 3 pounds, nothing like recieving a letter full of skulls!), some green stuff leaves, and soil, an idea I've taken from MASSIVE VOODOO. I love those bases, but making them is so time consuming..

And the Sybarite. I thought he deserved something more than just the fancy... back.. pole.. thing. So a small conversion. Alas, poor Yorick!

And another squad. I only have two for the moment. I should have three, but I really spent way too much money on those thus far...

You can see metal things in the back. More on those in future post!

Here is the other Subarite. Also slightly converted.

A sample squad of Wyches. Great models, awesome dynamism, horribly fragile weapons... The entire army is actually quite hard to transport, without suffering losses. Even before the battle! Especially the Raiders with various hanging parts...

Now a couple of more interesting closeups.

A skull. Those are made out of gypsum, by the way.

Plant! Making them is actually fun, I though it would be more tedious, but it's fast and easy. It's attaching them to the base that annoys me to no end, as they don't want to stick nicely sometimes...

I like the pose of that guy, although I think I took that picture (it was a while ago), to show the circular pattern on the tile...

So sample miniatures again.

And the Hekatrix. I swapped the Agonizers around a little so each has a different!

And since this post has been started long ago, but I never wrote the content, a lot changed since then, and this is the chart of the army as it is now. It grew quite huge, clocking at around 2500 points now. As I said, spent way more money on it in a short period of time, that I should have since now I have a lot to paint... Reminds me of when I was starting the Guard...

Anyway I hope you liked those. I will be showing more interesting parts from time to time, but the painted models are still a while off. I only have a few models left to paint for the Wolves and I thought I'll finish those first.

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Like A Rain From the Sky  

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This time, I think my favourite vehicle in my army, aside from the Land Speeders. The humble Drop Pod.

It was really great fun to paint I actually like the overall effect. It's been painted with the most "battle damage" of all my models I think.

I have used various methods to paint these, washes, drybrushing dark color (such as Chaos Black) and more washes. You can see the effect in closeups.

You can see I used carious different washes on the metal surfaces. Normally it is not a good idea to apply washes to a large flat area as you could get a blotchy result, but since it is a Drop Pod that enters via atmosphere it actually looks good!

I drybrushed the lower part of the hull with Chaos Black trying to make burnt smudges left by the atmosphere entry. I also washed the lower metal part a lot.

The stripes on the doors were painted using Ron's great tutorial, alas I could not find a link right now. But everyone knows where to look, don't you?

The interior itself was great fun to paint as well. You probably cannot see it, but I painted the cables using thin lines of grey to represent the reflection of the light, taken from White Dwarf's Spave Wolves tutorial.

I like painting screens, can you tell? Those display status of each individual Marine mounted in the harnesses, while the top shows the angle of descent.

And that's it. It's also a break from the Space Wolves. Expect something... new, soon!

Also I wanted to start by apologizing for not posting in a while, but the I read this and reconsidered! :D

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