The Longbeards  

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Look what I found on my camera's memory card! Looks like I took some pictures back home with an intent of posting them, and I kinda forgot. Ooops! But nothing is lost!

So here I got some pictured of my two Long Fangs squads. Hope you enjoy them!

The first one, lead by Bjorg Longarm.

And the second, by Gudleifr Alienbane.

Of course there's more if you just click below.

So first of all, we have closeups Bjorg, a grizzled veteran of a thousand battles.

I gave him a modified Devastator backpack. While Space Wolves rely on their senses mostly, a little help does not hurt, something Bjorg has learned over all the years!

The next three chaps with Missile Launchers. As you can see each is slightly different. They're a combination of Tactical Squad ML, Devastator one, and the one from AoBR.

And from the back! Notice how all of them have grey hair, fitting for such old veterans!

The last ML chap and a single one with a Multi-Melta. Sadly, he doesn't find as much use, however the weapon was so awesome I had to use it!

And from the back!
The second squad leader - Gudleifr Alienbane. Once upon a time he has served in Deathwatch for quite a prolonged time and keeps a few keepsakes from that time, which he recalls with fondness. Firstly  - his name of course. The second thing is his black helmet. And the third - the litanies and the =I= signs on his shoulderpads.

He now uses his experience to guide his fellow Wolves.

Lascannons! First made just because they're awesome, but turned out to be really useful on the battlefield, even though an expensive option.

How is that not badass!
And the final three. More cheap Missile Launchers and a single Plasma Cannon.

The Cannon is pretty much same as the Multi-Melta. However notice that he has no squad markings on his shoulder. That's because in the future I might make a third squad that uses Plasma Cannons more extensively which will make a tad more sense than such mixed squad. But not anytime soon!

Aaand that's it. I have one more update coming up and then it'll have to wait till I get my army with me again.

By the way I would still appreciate help with the Dark Eldar!

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A Call to Arm... Names  

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Sooo, I have a problem. I can't think of any catchy names that I could apply to my Dark Eldar.

Therefore, I need your help! If you have any awesome DE names for:

  • A Kabal
  • A Wych Cult
  • A Haemonculi Coven
  • An Incubi Shrine
  • An Archon
  • A couple of Haemonculi
Don't be shy and leave a comment. So far I managed to come with Kabal of the Withered Skull. And that's about it. Also, I seem to recall that White Dwarf featured some nicely purple-painted Kabal. If anyone has a name and some background on it, I'd be really grateful!

By the way, I've went to a local store here and it's awesome. I got to see the new Grey Knight terminators and now I have a really strong urge to build a small Terminator-oriented force. We'll see. There's still like 400 pounds to be spent on finishing the current 3 armies...

Oh and I bought a blister of Razorwings. Just because. Also, one will make an excellent Chooser of the Slain.!

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Dum di dum  

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Hey guys, remember me still?

Yep, it's been a long long time with no updates. There's reasons for that though! I'm spending a semester abroad, to be more precise, in Denmark. And unfortunately there was no way to pack any of my stuff onto the plane. I was just too scared of having a pile of bits instead of an army at the end. Thus, I had nothing to write about.

Hopefuly that is going to change soon, when I go back home for Easter, I might pick up at least some unfinished stuff. That means mostly Dark Eldar, yay. Remember the fancy sheets, I so blatantly stole from Admiral Drax? Here's one for the DE.

As you can see, my plans are quite big. It adds up to some 4k points of stuff. And lots of money, hooray. Also, it's still a very rough concept, didn't even have time to come up with good names for stuff! If you have any suggestions, feel free to throw them my way! The models are... "assembled" in fact. Not really finished either. The army still need a lot of work, but first I'll have to finish those 6-7 models for the Space Wolves that are left.

Still waiting for the new models which are supposed to come out soon, that's going to be a lot money spent soon... And now I actually have to buy my food, the horror.

That's not all though!

So, the Grey Knights came out. Awesome, awesome models, like always. The Dreadknight is a tad on the lame-side, but oh well. Perhaps.. Perhaps I could start a army of those at some point. I like a idea of all Terminator force that you could possibly make out of that codex. I love terminators and those are the most badass there are! But that's after I finish up everything else. And then the SoB codex will probably come out and I'll fail all my Willpower tests against buying a lot of them!

At least my cousin has a GK army, which he will now expand, so I'll be able to hold them in my hands and play a few games with them as well!

Anyway I guess commenting on stuff that's happening is all that I'm going to do for a while. So, see you soon (hopefully)!

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