The new codex - thoughts and ideas  

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I though I'll scribble something instead of just posting pictures. The new codex for the Guard is just round the corner and there are rumours (Well, more like confirmed leaked information, as much as you can call being read from a codex in store leaked.) floating everywhere. Tons of information is thrown around which only proves that the Guard is an army that stirs up lots of emotion.

Take a quick peek here. This is the Imperial Guard Rumour summary by The Dude (kudos to you, man, great work!).
Some of my thoughts on the codex itself:

  1. Psyker Choir preaching you into the ground, baby.
    Take a look at that. “Weaken Resolve” - Drops Ld of enemy in 24"=number of psykers in squad. Now just add a barrage weapon or a sniper. Oh my, we're fearsome Nob Bikers but we can't do anything as we're pinned and too scared to move! And not only them. A good way to get rid of nasty units, altough sometimes ineffective, due to everyone and their dog being Fearless in this edition. Oh, well. Squishy squad? That's what 55 (55!) points Chimeras are for. And to be honest, isn't that the most cool and fluffy unit around? A bunch of frail, rag-tagged men babbling incoherently, each bearing a mark of sanctioning. Suddenly they all start to mutter in synch, lightnings go out of their eyes and hands as they start to slightly float above the ground level. The fabric around the enemies swirling, twisting... *boom!* How awesome is _that_.
  2. Chimera here, Chimera there, Chimera everywhere!
    55 points! Also 5 models can shoot out. It's not yet clarified, but it sure can make for a fearsome vehicle (Though some say it might be lasguns only as it'd make sense - passangers are using the side lasguns) For such a price it's probably wise to field quite a few. Sure, it's 12/10/10 (the side hurts), but it's also a big chunk of metal and if someone wants to take it out, he's not shooting at your other units! And if he's not shooting at Chimeras, who knows what scary meltaish things can be inside...
  3. Veterans, now with 100% added punch!
    You can only take them in 10s. Ok, fine. They cost 70 pts. Sure! I already see myself using two 10s. First one with plasma guns, loaded in a Valkirie perhaps OR with an Autocannon, hidden in cover. Though 3 plasmas in the spot you need them most, mmmhm.
    Second squad? 2 flamers, heavy flamer, demo charges, fist on a sgt and a commisar with a fist. You think Guard can't kick your bottom in combat? We'll see about that..
  4. Air cav!
    Cool thing. But expensive money wise. And damn, those Valkiries are huge! Transporting them isn't going to be easy. I guess I won't be fielding more than two.
  5. The Ogryns and Stormtroopers argument
    Sure. Both are expensive. Both are most likely a tad overpriced. But that's what IG is about isn't it? Cheap line troops and elites that really are supposed to be elite, not spammed on the board. While I'm not going to mention Ogryns (They are a bit on the low side, that's true), as I wouldn't field them anyway (unless they'd be seriously overpowered and only then only in tournament sort of lists), but Stormtroopers...
    AP 3. Sounds cool, huh? Well S 3 is quite a major drawback. But what makes you think Stormtroopers are supposed to finish off an entire squad of SMs (Not t mention CSMs that might be in bigger groups)? They're not just supposed to run in and annihilate everything in their sights.
    Give them two meltas, drop 'em off Valkirie with a reroll for scatter. Watch them blow your enemies tanks away. Enemies in bug armour, but with T3 (Eldar? Tau?). Give them a salvo of hellpistols, throw in a flamer or plasmas and assault. Too bad sarge can't have power fist, but I guess we can't have everything.
    I'm sure I could find a use for them, although I'm not quite set on fielding them just yet. If they come out in plastic however...
  6. Tanks, the essence!
    Oh noes, they're more expensive! But also more deadly AND resilient. A funny trick: Take 2 Leman Russes and a Chimera. Give one Leman a camo-netting (3+ cover save!). Cover up on Russ with a Chimera or do so in the way enemy can only see one of them at a time. When they get shot at, allocate hits on the camo one. Here you go, two-for-the-price-of-one!
    (I'll have to give credit to Vladdi from that has given that idea.)
  7. My wallet is crying.
    Yup, it is. Want to know my shopping list for May?
    • Codex: Imperial Guard
    • Valkirie
    • Primaris Psyker
    • Advisors blister (Duh, forgot about them? How! *snucks in an edit*)
    • Battleforce
    • Sentinel (to add to the one in Battleforce) (or two...)
    • 2xChimeras (At least..)
    • Psykers
    • Most likely a Leman Russ. Or two.
    • Probably a Commisar or two, the one I made might not be enough.
    • ...something to carry it all in...
    Looks like I'm not getting myself a Shadowsword any time soon..

Honestly, I can't wait. This year is going to be great for the Guard!

Glory to the Imperium!

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The mystery unveiled!  

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I'll just leave this here...

Ok, a quick comment. You probably guessed it's a Lord Commisar. Still a WIP though, but should be finished soon! Any comments? I'd love to hear them.

Oh, I'll post up something more about her as soon as she's done.

Edit: Uppermost is what she looks like now, after hat being mostly finished, undetailed.

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The mystery!  

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Something crazy is brewing in my head. Something that I got a bit discouraged at now, having recieved the actual... main.. thing.. but nevertheless I have to try, can't just give up!
I'll just tell you. If it'll work, it'll be awesome. Seriously awesome. If it doesn't, I'll just pretend this post didn't exist!

Who is this lass? Huh, a LoTR mini? But... Why LoTR? This is 40k!

Hey, where did this guy's hand go? And what was he holding in it?

Pistols? Bolt Pistol? Does that make sense? Hal'jin is posting up weird random shots of bits?

There's more hints in the post. I bet an inquisitive type can guess it straight away.
Here's a hint for true geeks: Dark Heresy rulebook.

(The button below does not work this time - no more info!)

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Tell the men the cavalry arrived!  

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Here we are, as promised, the Heavy Support of 42nd Cadian 3rd Company!

Not finished fully still, a Demolisher to go aaand that Basilisk has been painted for ages, if you want to give it a closer look check here. Anyway, on with the show!

As per usual, clicky below for more detailed pics.

I love the Leman Russ, one of, if not the coolest, tanks in the 40k universe. And I do really like how he turned out. Wanted to pick up some more of these some time soon, however with the new releases I'm holding off all shopping till May.
I was mostly playing with 2xLRBT 1xDemolisher for 2k pts these days, too bad Bassie is so useless most of the time on the field. Can't hide anywhere with true los (Those fancy CoD building we got at store are awesome... but have those windows! ;)) and the 36" min range is what really kills it.
And well, the next Leman kit I pick up most likely won't end up as a standart Battle Tank (Mmmmm, Executioner...).

The grand Demolisher! I can't wait to see this beast unleash it's full power in new 'dex. I wouldn't want to be on the recieving end of 2 plasma cannons, a HB and a demolisher cannon.
Still a WIP, was working more on infantry lately, since it's the arguably more boring part (Sooo many of them...), but I might have to take a break from guardsmen and get this baby done.

Oh yes, as you can see the sponsons are fully magnetized meaning I can detach them should I wish and replace the weapons within them as well!

Aand that's it. I also took some pics of Heavy Weapons which looks so awesome put together, but I guess if I post everything now I won't have anything else to show till May and I don't really plan shopping before that! ;) See you next time on 3rd Company 1st Platoon's showoff time!

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Rapid Response Force!  

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Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to... 42nd Cadian Fast Attack forces! I've painted them a while back but never really showed them anywhere, I guess it's about damn time to do this!

Recently I have finished something else though, the second platoon is progressing nicely, I'll post up some pics of it soon! Still have 3 squads, 2 command squads, 2 veteran squads and a Demolisher to finish... Deadline: 2nd May!

Anyway, as always, click below for more pics!

First Sentinel, including its interior below. I painted it with great detail and when I glued in the extra armor I realised none of this is visible... oh well!

Sentinels, muchly overlooked by me, show their teeth in the 5th. Though their main use is supposed to be put a dent into soft rear armors of my enemies vehicles, ironically, they still didn't get a shot at it. It seems so far I only played armies with either no vehicles or vehicles that laugh at puny S7 with their all-round 14 AV. Oh well, they'll get theirs one day!

And here is one of my favourite Guard vehicles, the Hellhound! I am pondering wether not to do some converting and turn it into a Devildog with new codex, but we'll see about that. Just some chemical hazard markins on the tanks and perhaps slight alteration of the cannon and it should be fine. While I could one day purchase a FW kit for a really hot Hellhound...

That's all for tonight, folks! Coming soon, 42nd Heavy Support, 1st platoon parade of glory and my thoughts and concepts on new codex!

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Platoon Command online!  

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Not _that_ much today, but still. The Command Squad is now fully finished!

I'm quite proud of the guys, turned out quite well. There are of course flaws which annoy me (although I do find flaws immidiately in every single piece of my work, not matter what people say of it ;)), but all in all they turned out great. Especially the officer, let me re-iterate how much I love this model.

Clicky below for more pics of the rest of the squad!

And so the entire first platoon is ready for combat, fully converted, painted and based! The first platoon is supposed to be a special weapon platoon, armed with the Imperium's and Regiment's best equipment, hence the plasma guns and the Lascannons every squad has.

I was thinking for the new codex I'll probably move Lascannons into squad (and maybe double the ammount) on their own and add a second plasma to ever of those squads and/or add a squad with meltas. That'd make exactly for adding a vox fella and second plasma into each squad, but I'm not bothering with glueing anything, just in case those rumours weren't that accurate or I end up with a different vision.

Now the second platoon which is armed with more mundane weaponry. Namely Grenade Launchers all the way with some Autocannons and Missle Launchers! Even though flamers seem to be much more effective I just love grenade launchers. Maybe it comes a bit from DoW, where Grenades rock (DoW II rocks as well if you're wondering), but whatever. Maybe I'll swap out some guys with flamers in new codex or make 2xgrenade 2x flamer squads.

For now I'm pretty much painting the guys and not marking their squad assigments yet, till the new codex and new army list.

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