A Guard Mystery!  

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What could it be...

Clue #1

Clue #2

Clue #3


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'nother pack - Grey Hunters #3 (Fixed post)  

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It seems this post got broken when I posted it the first time. This is a repost, with the missing content in place! Sorry, I have no idea what happened.

Almost there! This time, yet another Grey Hunter pack with their Wolf Guard. Just one more pack and I promise I'll post something more interesting!

The obligatory group shot:

This is the last pack I've painted. Quite possibly the best looking one, but see for yourself, by clicking below!

The first three with a lot of Wolf pelts. The guy on the right is using regular SM parts, gasp!

'nother three. There's a more helmets in this squad than the previous ones. In the middle a helm I didn't like at first, but it grew on me and sees more use now. On the right - hairy Mark of the Wulfen!

Finally, another beakie (I think I overused that helma bit!) carrying the melta gun and the squad leader, Harald!

And finally Maili Oddrsson, the Wolf Guard attached to the squad! I think this is my favourite. The Power Fist, taken from the Devastators kit, is simply awesome.

Aaaand that's it! Coming up soon is their Rhino, then I'll post something other than Grey Hunters, though there's only one small pack of them left!

In the other news, I took the 42nd Cadian to a yet another tournament on Saturday. It seems the Emperor smiled upon me, for I placed 3rd (out of 20-something) and got the "Best Painted Army" award as well! However, the 2100 pts format made me realise it's time to add some stuff to the Guard... I'll show you my plans soon! Now it's back to the painting, there's not a lot of Wolves left to do!

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The first Wolf vehicle  

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After much debating and pondering on color schemes, which paints to use, techniques and such I have managed to settle on to something, that actually produced a *gasp* satysfying result! Here it is!

It turned out, following the shading method which is used for the Power Armor and drybrushing are the way to go. Here it is, the Rhino, Geri, in all it's glory.

And the glory on its other side.

Not how I attempted to "wolf-ify" it with use of some spare bits. There's of course more shots, if you click below.

The front. Slightly bland-ish.

The back that contains an important reminder for the squad within.

The very dark interior, first and only painted that way, though in retrospect perhaps this way was better after all...

The top. Vehicles, just like Marines, have their own sagas of the deeds they performed on the battlefield. Geri is an old Rhino, that has been in commission for longer than Sven Bloodhowl was the Great Lord. As such, it's exterior is extensively covered in writings, that depict it's heroic exploits. Also the top contains a scarily big freehand that actually looks like what it's supposed to be.

And lastly, the closeup on the gunner.

If you're curious, what does it say on top of it, I reccomend checking this out. All texts are in english, but written with Futhark, the runic alphabet of the vikings. I know I will be probably the only one who will ever know what does it say on it, but at least it looks good!

All in all I'm happy how it looks, especially from the distance.

Coming up next, more Grey Hunters. Also, the painting chart's current state:

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The Second Pack done!  

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This time 'round, another Grey Hunter pack, at last! A post filled with pictures this time.

Here they are, first a family shot.

And the other shots, in the full post!

The first three regulars. The left one and the middle one were painted a while ago, much earlier than the rest. They could differ a bit.

Mark of the Wulfen, My Favourite Beakie Helm and... Sally. That's not the best blonde hair I've done!

And finally, the Pack Leader (I believe I've explained it before, that it's just a fluff construct) and a melta operator!

And lastly, Tofi Thunderhowl the usually-assigned Wolf Guard with a Thunderhammer. I think he looks much better than the previous one, the PA Thunderhammer head that is in the Wolf Pack isn't really too great in my opinion...

Wolf Guard pack markings!

And some close-up shots.

Okay. That looks bad in a close-up. Ugh. Red red red Mark of the Wulfen.

But that's not all! The first pack got some extensions as well! Another melta (free for a 10-man) and a Wolf Standard!

And now that's it. Coming up next - the second pack's dedicated Rhino! Also I have managed to finish all the Grey Hunters now, whoa! Right now there's two last Wolf Guards on the painting table and then, the Long Fangs - finishing all the Power Armor squads I've got. Only vehicles are still delayed as I wasn't able to pick up a tank brush. Oh, well.

Hope you like those, don't be shy to say what you think!

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A little update  

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Not a post filled with lots of content, but I believe the quality of it is quite decent! I have spent the past few weeks painting quite a lot (with breaks filled with reading Horus Heresy books - I should maybe review them at some point!) and the progress is really starting to show!

This time round it's finally some painted mini to be posted! I present to you a Wolf Guard with a Cyclone Missile Launcher!

Of course, there's more angles if you only click below!

I decided to take a break from Power Armor everywhere. Cyclone was quite an obvious choice to go as first as it's one of the Terminators that gets fielded in majority of my lists. Wolves Terminators are unfortunately not too effective (especially compared to other Marines), but this one is an exception!
Overall I'm satisfied with the result. The NMM isn't perfect, that's still something I need to practice more but yeah.. To practice I actually have to paint something. And I'm satisfied with the base, to my own amazement.

And to perhaps wet your appetite, here's the painting chart as it looks now:

As you can see there's quite a bit of green out there now, especially in the infantry department. Unfortunately my tank brush is ruined so vehicles have to wait till I pick up a new one.

There are a couple new planned things as well - including another character on a Thunderwolf! After I add the terminators, which I've already ordered that's the most likely candidate for next update. I decided that Thunderwolf Cavalry unit is perhaps a tad expensive to purchase and create... but two characters (While only one is a Wolf Lord of course, I will most likely field both as such, just because WGBL is rather... lacking rules-wise, compared to Lord) pack quite a punch as well and look just as good as a TWC unit!

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