Quiet before the storm  

Posted by Hal'jin

May the quietness on this blog not decieve you! I am actually not posting much because I am painting quite a bit!

More, I have actually decided to go back to the roots a little... The IG is actually getting reinforcements! My love for the Guard hsa been reinvigorated recently and I have a ton of new ideas, although I probably do not have money for all of them... For now I am slowly moving onward! Dark Eldar have been put to a hold for now (also I pretty much got all the models I want...), mostly because I needed to paint some stuff to field on a tournament next week. But once I started putting paint on the last unpainted guardsmen I got a sudden nostalgia attack and now I'm planning new expansions that will allow me to play the 42nd in a different fashion...

Unfortunately I have misplaced my camera somewhere again, so I cannot take pictures just yet. But I will, as soon as I can! Meanwhile I am also finally writing down the 42nd background, which I was meant to do ages ago and which has forever sat in my head. Do you know how much fun is coming up with about 100 names for various regimental commanders? Thank god for the 40k RPG books with name lists...

Other than painting I have been busy playing Space Marine. Emperor, that game is good. In case you play it in multiplayer, my nick there is, unsurprisingly, Haljin. Maybe I'll get a chance to shoot some of you with a melta gun in the face!

Also I found some Space Wolf conversions that make me want to rip my Wolf Guard to pieces and do them again. Damnit.

See you soon!

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