The Heavier Heavy Support  

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The vehicle park of my Great Company is getting quite close to completion. This time, a model I always wanted to have - a Land Raider where my freehand attempts strike again.

And the look half-decent. I should probably practice something more complex though. It might come in hand in the future (though not the DE I mentioned...)...

As you can see, I added quite a few elements in an attempt to Wolf-ify it a bit. Storm Shields, random wolfish elements, tails and such.

The top that shows yet another freehand, that is probably a little funny. Oh well, I can't draw too well. You can also see runic plates I added, inspired by the vehicles in the codex (Mine are a bit more uneven though!)

A shot at the interior. It actually looks good in that picture. The interior... didn't really turn out as I had hoped and for the first time I was glad it can't be seen too well... But as you see, I added a couple of things on the inside as well.

And that's it for the Land Raider. It could still use some weathering powder, I'll get to it eventually, probably in a batch with other vehicles. It's quite a dirty work, the powder ends up everywhere in the end, so I prefer to use it as seldom as I can.

Also that's what's on the painting table as I'm writing these words.

And on a closing note, both armies painting charts (as of 6.10). The IG one grew a bit... It also includes a Leman Russ I won in a combat patrol league recently. Yaay.

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I Hate Right Hands - The Work Done - Squad 303  

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Yes, finally the 303rd. They sat on the shelf comfortably for a while now, so it's about time to show my last veteran squad.

A word of warning. I have applied matt varnish to them, as I have done with all the Guard minis... Except this time it didn't want to be matt. After two coats, I gave up. Funnily enough, I varnished the metal Rune Priest with the same varnish and there was no gloss at all.

These are... slightly glossy. I was quite annoyed, but thankfuly it doesn't show that much.

They still look quite good I guess and I would be really happy with them if not that accident. Especially since they were the first Guardsmen I painted since quite a while... But enough me ranting, pictures!

Three standard poses. I really ran out of original ideas after two squads. Since they looked slightly bland with just rebreathers (and shotguns) as their main unique points, I decided to add a couple of litanies, 302nd style.

Run-by-shotgun-in-the-face, Mr. Sir I Have A Tactical Map For you and Charge'em! men.

And another three. Glasses with rebreathers look awesome. And I could use the standard sergeant head again and it isn't so obvious, thanks to the reabreather! Only in the middle I noticed the ammo case contains lasgun batteries and they've got shotguns. Oops. So I had to paint it differently.

Finally the sarge himself. A tough guy, with a little aristocratic look in him. He needs no pansy rebreather. Or a helm, for that matter.

So, what do you think? This is the last veteran squad I'll ever be making, so it's more-or-less the official end of the long-standing IHRH series. Wow, it took a while!

And a little something, that doesn't warrant it's own post. 302nd's new Chimera

Those new Chimeras are nice, but there's like, nowhere to put stowage on. I guess it's good, since I'm running low on the remnants of the old Accessory Sprues...

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Woof woof! *cough* I mean, For the Allfather!  

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After much delaying, Sven Bloodhowl, the Wolf Lord of my Great Company is finally done! I considered the Snipers I've shown you a while ago my best conversion work probably. Now, what I think is the best paint job I've done so far.

It still does have its errors and I'm aware of them. It could've been way better. But overally I'mr eally pleased how he turned out, check it yourself!

Here he is, sitting atop his monstrous Thunderwolf and surrounded by some Fenrisian Wolves so he doesn't feel too lonely (and doesn't go down because of stray bullets).

The fur on all the doggies was painted using Master Darksol's excellent tutorial.

A dirty, worn cape. I was considering adding more weathering to the model, including blood stains on the fur, but I'm afraid I might ruin it. Doesn't mean I won't add them in the future though.

Also, once I painted the cloak I came up with a waaay cooler idea to paint it. Perhaps I will use it on his Terminator Armor version. The codex says, that Sven tattooed his extensive saga, but he ran out of space on his skin, so he takes those of his enemies. I thought it would be awesome, if he also used every scrap of place possible, including writing the saga on his cloak and armour.

And a couple of closeups, on Sven's face, which also shows the runes on his armour, that are supposed to denote it's Runic Armour. They aren't perfect, they're more or less patching up of even worse work underneath (I thought red/orange would look better. I was wrong), but I managed to make them look acceptable I think.

His chest armor.

The doggie's.. snout.

And the other, cybernetically enhanced, side. I just love this sculpt. Having painted it, I decided these are the best Thunderwolves ever and no other sold anywhere else match those. I'm going to buy at least one more to make a second TW character (A Battle Leader, though probably fielded on Lord's rules). And maybe I will be tempted into making a unit of cavalry some time in the future...

I lack one thing however. A name for the mount. I need something Nordic and menacing sounding, but nothing to obvious. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them out!

But that's not all! A little more shots of lesser dogs. On the left, one of two hamsterdogs. They have metal heads that I got with them, and of which origin I have completely no idea. They look a bit funny though.

I like the base of the left one here.

You will notice I did quite a bit of reposing with those. They were really bland originally.

And the Cyberwolf on the left!

Now it's done.

I seem to have some kind of painting fever, after I have seen the pictures of Dark Eldar. I decided it's probably time to move slightly away from the Emperor's light and collect some xenos. Yep, I'm going to be starting a DE army. Not straight away after they're released however, I still need to get a few things for the Guard first!

As for the fever - I cannot buy a new army that awesome, while still having unpainted stuff! As of now, I'm done with majority of the Wolves. I have scheduled a couple of posts now, containing a few updates, so stay tuned!

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