Fast and Furious  

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Yay, finally time to post some content, it's only half a year old!

Back to the Space Wolves, one of the last things I haven't shown yet, the Land Speeders! I think they're my favourite Space Marine vehicles and I really like fielding them instead of Long Fangs.

Obviously there are closeups.

I did some minor converting, as you can see here on the Heavy Bolter and the knife scabard.

I really like how they turned out, they're one of my favourite models in the army.

This one has slight conversions as well. There's a tiny wolf pelt on the other side as well!

And from the back.

And a little closeup on the controls, a little blurry unfortunately.

Hope you liked them, there's one more Space Wolves post coming up and then... Darkness comes!

My time in Denmark is also coming to and end, and at home over 2000 points of fresh, still packed Dark Eldar await! I can't wait to start working on them, I will most likely post some details soon!

Also I have bought my first Finecast - the new Haemonculus, just to be sure I get an undamaged model. Overall I really like the quality of it, will post more for sure when I get to working on it.

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A bigger something  

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After a week of really hard work...

It's not perfect, far from it. But it was hell of a lot fun making (when we weren't dead tired), and quite decent for a first movie ever made!

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A little something  

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Haven't had time to even post what I have already waiting to be posted, since I first had exams on my head and now.. Something I wanted to share!

Here is a little something that I'm working for a course in Computer Animation and Modelling.

Looking familiar?

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