Wolves of Fenris  

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Just a short update, but hopefuly a bit interesting at least! This time it's about wolves. But the real wolves. As in the furry grey canine!

I have acquired a couple of wolves from a friend of mine to incorporate them into my Wolves army. All in all Space Wolves are quite far away from being Codex Marines, but most highly competetive lists get closer and closer to such a thing. After all Grey Hunters are Marines. Sure, they're light blue and have lots of gubbins attached to their armor, but still.. There are a couple of units however that serve to differentiate them quite a bit from other Marines chapters, so that you just take one look and you're sure you're not dealing with regular SMs. Fenrisian Wolves are just such a thing.

But let's have a picture, shall we?

Here we are. These wolves have been stolen from a goblin Wolf Cavalry unit-thing from Warhammer Fantasy. This wolf is... quite boring. Being a mount it can't really have a super-dynamic pose as the rider might then not fit on top of it, plus it's not really the latest sculpt. But that's not really something that'll stop me! Click below if you want to know how I got around it!

With proper use of knife and green stuff obviously. Take a look at this wolf (which is not exactly the same, though similar. Also does this head look a bit like "rabbit with huge teeth" to anyone else?).

Looks a bit better? What I did is just cut it in half and turn the front "torso" a bit. It might not be evidend on this picture, but frankly... It's really difficult to take a shot on those. Since they're still missing their bases (and will for a while, till I order some 40 mm bases) they really don't want to stand still to get a picture. This is the best I could do:

They look a lot better, at least in my humble opinion. There's still a lot of green stuff work to do. So far, I only filled in the gaps. Now another layer will have to come, with fur sculpted on.

But that's not all yet!

Yep, a cyberwolf in very early stage of development. I'm actually pondering on adding more cybernetic enhancements on other wolves with cyberwolf obviously having much more of them and much more evident ones. Thoughts on this?

That's it for now. I'll write more on gameplay terms of those when I actually test them in battle. Also, the 303rd is on hold, still waiting for the SW battleforce to ship with missing shotguns.

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303rd - A Sneak Peak  

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Not a lot today, however I want to present you a little sneak peak of the upcoming 303rd Veteran Squad! Hope you like them. There'll be much more on them coming later.

First a little shot on "regular" veterans within the squad:

They all bear shotguns and rebreathers, there'll also be a few purity seals. They're still unfinished, I'll try to get some more on them to make them more unique, even though they should stand out quite a bit thanks to their loadout.

And obviously, there's more if you click below!

Here's the sargeant leading the squad. He's been done for quite a while now, but he gained a, sparkly... green, new rebreather!

And another regular vet. This one will have a tutorial attached to him as a new installment in the IHRH series! Can you guess what it's about?

That's it for now. The melta guys are also out there, but not ready to be unveiled just yet. Alas, I cannot finish the squad just yet. I am waiting for my second Wolves battleforce to arrive with the two missing shotguns! I'm hoping it will be here soon enough, since there is a big tournament coming where I'd like to field them and they would have to be fully painted before that!

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Long Fangs and the Vehicle Conundrum  

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Time for more Wolves, sorry IG fans! The veterans, as you have easily guessed, are not quite yet in a state to be shown. However there is a problem with which, I would love to get some aid solving!

But first things first, the long range support of the Wolves! An invaluable unit, a must have for every Wolf army - The Long Fangs!

Assembled fully recently, this unit took a while to get together. Getting hold of so many Missile Launchers wasn't easy and I might need 4 more for another pack! There's more shots of them and the aforementioned issue explained below!

The middle one is obviously the squad leader. The Multi-melta guy looks awesome, but I started to wonder how many battles will he eventually see. MMs are nifty, when something nasty deep strikes near you or a careless vehicle swoops by closely, but points-wise there isn't always room for him!

The second pack will surely contain a Plasma Cannon Long Fang, which might face the issues of the multi-melta one, by a much larger margin. But I just can't not make him. Why? Take the Space Wolves codex and look at the picture near the description of the Long Fangs in there. Must have.

But the problem I have is not related to Long Fangs and their armament! It's related to something even heavier - vehicles!

I still haven't show you the Rhinos I've assembled, though truth to be said they aren't that heavily converted, so I guess I'll just post the finished deal, but before it's finished... yes.

How in Terra's name do you paint Space Wolves vehicles?!

I just can't seem to grasp the color scheme used by GW. Instead I've done some experiments, but I need your opinions. Which one is better?

The first one: Basecoat is same in both, 50/50 Space Wolves Grey/Shadow Grey. This one is then drybrushed with Space Wolves Grey.

Second one: Is just basecoat, to show you how exactly it looks. This is much closer to what GW is presenting. I honestly have no idea how to highlight it properly, it almost seems as though GW doesn't do that at all and they still look amazing after applying all the battle damage.

Third option: Wasn't tested, but I was thinking that maybe drybrush is the way to go, but it should be made darker. So instead of SW Grey, there'd be something like 2:1 SW Grey/Shadow Grey. And SW Grey as the final, very delicate drybrush.

What do you think? Perhaps you have access to some awesome tutorial on those? I'd love to know!

And just to show some more, what is under the brush right now:

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A new Guard project  

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You asked for something and here it is!

Can you guess what it'll be? Shouldn't be too hard

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