They will fall to our minds!  

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Here they are, the finished Psyker Battle Squad I promised to show you a while ago. Took a while to finish them and I'm really satisfied with the results. Now they sit comfortably undercoated and waiting their turn at the painting table.

And a problem arises. I was at first planning to paint their robes red and now I am unsure of this. It might turn out okay, but might not. On the other hand I wouldn't paint them in standard Red Gore->Blood Red, more like Red Gore highlighted with mixes of white, to make the color look a bit different... I mgith have to pick up Scab Red for that too. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments! Anyway, enough talk, pictures!

Here's the squad. Click below for more pics, as usual!

I think the guys here are my favourites of them all. The one on the left has a dynamic pose, lack of sight, an hour-glass as his psy-focus (Check Dark Heresy rulebook for that! ;)) and the beard. The right one actually looks quite noble-ish, he was the first one I decided to make the high collar and it turned out great!

The left one didn't have a lot of modifications. He's annoyed, aiming with his laspistol and yelling. Woo. The only thing is that he has no eyes. Other than one cybernetic that is. While the original model probably wasn't intending that it appeared as such to me and I decided to go with it. The guy on the right on the other hand looks abit like a vampire, I guess it's the coat and the teeth that make such impression. But it's actually quite fluffy. If you read Dark Heresy (Can you tell I love it and draw lots of inspiration from there?) you can see that psykers get to roll for a random effect of their sanctioning. One of them, which our party psyker actually has, is that the psyker lost all his teeth during the process and was given a replacement of carven dentures made of teeth of dead pilgrims. Awesome, huh?

And the final pair. The left one is a bit meh. I suppose I should've made an outstretched hand rather that fist on his arm, but oh well. The right one had some really nasty sanctioning. I mean, he has a bandaged arm and lost his face. It'd be too much of an effort to reconstruct it and he wasn't really that promising, so they just decided to give him that iron mask. Cheap and efficient, isn't it?

And the entire squad in a bit of a closeup.

Now, I've seen it asked again in comments so I'll answer once more. The tops of the staff are resin casts of the staff top of one of the original metal psykers. I have a friend over here who's dong those things and he cast them for me. Everything else is plastic Empire Flagellants (or metal Sanctioned Psykers), some spare Vehicle accessory and Cadian bits (the pistol holsters and pistols) and quite a bit of green stuff.

Coming up next - the long-delayed next chapter of IHRH (got pics taken just need to write it), some shots of the new platoon additions, Valks and hopefuly painted vets. Also there's an upcoming Apocalypse game, I'll be sure to post some battle report!

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These are very nice. I love the collars and all all the little details, it makes for a very cohesive unit.

If you have a chance, checkout my recently completed Psyker squad and let me know what you think.

Nice work!

16 June 2009 at 13:38

Looking very nice, good use of the flagellants. I like the addition of the higher collars too, really helps tie them in with the stock models!

16 June 2009 at 14:29

I have stolen your idea to make my own psycher squad. I did my robes in brown.

16 June 2009 at 20:14

Nice conversions! Just the right mix of uniqueness and uniformity spread out among the unit.

16 June 2009 at 20:20

nice work, i'm toying with the idea of converting a squad of Daemonettes of Slaanesh to be a psyker battle squad, kind of a captive team of tortured souls bursting with psychic energy, twisted into daemonic form by the perils of the warp

17 June 2009 at 14:11

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