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At last, here it is. After fighting a battle with the Chaos God of Internets that denied me access to it, I finally managed to break through and write this post. I know there are a few of you, oh dear readers, who waited for this, so without more delay - the 302nd Veteran Squad of 42nd Cadian!

As usual, starting with a group shot. Or two.

As you can see, the squad is totting melta guns. It also has a distinct lack of purity seals compared to the 301st. The reason for that is actually quite simple. I ran out of them, but ordered more from a bits store. I really like the look of SM purity seals on guardsmen, so didn't quite make my own. However when the order arrived it got misplaced. It was done together witha friend of mine and he left it in our local store for me to pick up.. And apparently it got lost with the load of stuff they have out there.

With the lack of purity seals I decided that it might even be for the better. I will come up with some other feature and each squad will have it's own distinctive element! Have I achieved my goal? You decide, when you watch further closeup shots after clicking below.

Here is the sarge. Not a sergeant, sarge. Just look at his expression. I just love that head (coming from the Cadian Command Squad sprue) with the cigar. I just wish I made him modular, so that he could hold a Power Fist instead of that pistol. *cough* Oh well.

The special weapon... specialists. Three meltagunners. The left one you should be already familiar with and the right one is the metal Cadian meltagunner. The one in the middle is a little homage to the 301st and certain plasma gunner. Only he has a bigger knife!

And the "regular" vets. There always has to be one kneeling, eh? The middle vet wasn't always a veteran actually. He was originally meant to act as a guardsman in a Platoon Command Squad, but since the loadout of that squad changed significantly he was suddenly unemployed. I though not to waste the model with FW parts and after small repaint (covering hte gold pieces pretty much) he's a veteran now. If only I hadn't ruined his face, sigh! The right one might be least inspiring of the vets, but take a look at his pistol! Did you know that, according to The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer, each guardsman is equipped with an auto pistol? It would be quite fun to have that in-game, though I suppose that'd make us mini-marines.

And the last three. The left one is my all-time favourite, another excellent head from the Cadian CS. It's not as detailed as the bare head from the FW pack, but still looks mighty fine. The middle vet is funny. It's a first time I finally got to use that las-carbine you get on vehicle accessory sprue. Ironically, I always assumed it's a pistol and tried to use it as such with no luck. Only recently I've seen what exactly does the Steel Legion carry. I think it fits rather well, hes wounded so can't carry a regular lasgun, but a shorter, more compact carbine fits just right in one hand! And lastly the vet on the right, who is something of a squad medic. I wish vets could take medics, maybe as one of their doctrines (the cost is even the same). Perhaps it wouldn't be that good, but it'd definitely have a cool feel about it. Still, it's impossible, so he doesn't really do anything special game-wise, but he's just carrying a medic backpack and has fancy bags and equipment.

And that's it. I wodner if you caught the "defining feature". Perhaps not, as it did end up less obvious than I though. Still, it's the litanies written over their armour and weapons, kind of SM-esque. It does look quite good, but doesn't stand out like the Purity Seals.

Now, I am actually slowly making the 303rd. They're going to have much better "defining feature", very obvious. What is it? You will find out...

I could end here, but I though it'd be fun to throw in one more pic, since I've made this gaming table and all. Here is the 302nd on the battlefield! I wish I could show you their dedicated transport, but sadly I do not have that Chimera yet. I'll be sure to post it once I get it.

And that's it for 302nd. As goodbye words, here's a sneak peak of the next update.

And what I'm currently working on.

As always, thanks for reading and I'd love to hear your comments!

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Great colour scheme, very well painted, nicely based... Two thumbs up. Very nice job. :)

4 August 2009 at 14:42

The bare headed guy is awesome - the hair and stubble look great.

4 August 2009 at 15:16

dude you've done it again, another fantastic squad!! Im finally starting painting my vets this week sometime!!
I used that medic bag as a press mold and then scraped the symbol off so ive got extra bags, Im posting in a min so check it out

4 August 2009 at 16:05

Very nice paintjob! The shading is crisp and clean, the faces are expertly detailed, and the bases are really cool as well.

4 August 2009 at 16:20

Very nice mate, love the colour scheme.

When are you going to post more pics of the valks, can't wait to see them close up.

4 August 2009 at 16:32

Simply fantastic - I love the characterful details, and that medipack is great - where's it from?

Thanks for sharing,

- Drax.

4 August 2009 at 17:20

One of the Valks is out there with closeups already. ;) Second is coming within the next 24 hours, unless I lose internet again..

It's from the new Cadian Command Squad as well.

On it!

Thanks a lot for those nice comments everyone. :)

4 August 2009 at 17:52

Another awesome squad - well done.

How close are you now to finishing the whole army?

5 August 2009 at 10:24

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