Tactica Imperialis - The Army - Part II  

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Here we go, second part, with a bit of delay. If nothing goes wrong I should also finish psykers today, so expect to see them soon!

This time round, the really interesting units in all Imperial Guard armies! Also tomorrow I most likely am going to a 40k tournament for the first time. I wonder how will it turn out, I'll be sure to let you know!

Unfortunately I couldn't construct the list I really wanted, because my online store still didn't send me my Chimeras and as such I'm unable to field a Manticore as I wanted. Oh, well, once they arrive though look forward to the Manticore construction log!

And now, ot the point.

  • Fast Attack
    • Scount Sentinels
      Not a bad choice, all in all, though there are more potent units within this section. Still the Scout Sentinels can mess with the enemy quite a lot. 90% of cases they should be outflanking. They're way too fragile to start on the table and will get pounded quickly, unless you're starting or can utilise the scout move to hide them from los. But I doubt you could do that with a squad larger than one model.
      As for weaponry I prefer them cheap, so Multi-laser. Mathhammer wise it's as effective against AV 10 (Outflanking means you should get them into position on enemy rear) as Autocannon and 5 points cheaper and can potentially score more hits.
      Don't forget they can assault to, did I mention my cc-butchers? But don't really do that against any combat oriented unit (not even Tactical Marines).
    • Armoured Sentinels
      At first when I heard of an AV 12 Sentinel with a plasma cannon I was going all "oooh" over it. But time and a few battles reviewed that opinion. It's a horribly expensive unit and not really that effective. Armoured Sentinel is still interesting, but not really that awesome. Plasma Cannon is horribly expensive and as such I'd rather use this unit for something entirely different. Equip it as cheaply as you can, so Multi-laser, and go ahead charge your enemies. AV12 means it can lock out quite a few enemy units effectively an hold them for quite long. Imagine a huge bunch of 20+ Kroot turning up from outflank and then getting charged by a single sentinel and getting locked out for the rest of the game!
    • Rough Riders
      Some say it's the least effective unit in FA section, but I disagree. Appropriately used the good ol' RRs are still deadly, though fragile. You'll have to hide them out of los of all enemies (tanks are quite helpful for that I'd say) till they're in position to unleash their charge. That they can now get both flamers and lances is only another bonus I like about them. Sadly the biggest problem is, of course, the lack of models (Attilans? What's that? You don' mean those horribly ugly models from the age of dinosaurs?). I only ever made one when I fielded them back in 4th ed., but after the 5th I haven't used them at all and as such never finished the unit. Maybe I will once... Still I've heard of people using them to a devastating effect, so if you have the models give them a try!
    • Hellhound/Devil Dog/Bane Wolf
      Let's start with the ol' Hellhound. It got changed, his range is slightly lower (remember only the short end has to be within 12") but he is now a fast vehicle, making him an excellent choice against enemy swarms and otherwise fragile units holed in cover. Like Imperial Guard heavy weapon teams, lemme tell you how nicely they get roasted... I'd pair it with Heavy Flamer, for double as much fiery death when moving up to 6", though Multi-Melta might be appealing too, making the Hound more versatile and make our enemy think twice which weapon to choose when it suffers a Weapon Destroyed result.
      Devildog is the underdog of all three, but it's still a good choice. It's a good AT vehicle, especially with a multi-melta on the hull and it's ten times easier to hide than a Vendetta, though it lacks the ability to outflank and deliver your troops where they're needed. Definitely something to consider.
      Finally, the Bane Wolf with its fearsome Chem Cannon, the bane of all MEQs. It's main weapon is utterly devastating but short-ranged. For those reasons it will be targetted a lot and will have a hard time getting anywhere useful (though being fast helps). For that reason I'd always field them in pairs (Not squadroned though!). That way one should reach its destination! Also remember that if you pair it with a Heavy Flamer you shouldn't fire it at targets of ASv 3+ because you might end up doing less damage due to wound allocation gimmicks.
    • Valkyrie/Vendetta
      Now for the beloved Valk. Starting off with the regular sort. Two ways to use this. Either bare to just transported, which doesn't sound appealing to me, since it will do nearly nothing aside of hopefuly getting the troops to the place and it costs a hundred points. For just 30 points more you get rocket pods, which are really nice and I see no reason to not take them. Still somehow the MRP Valk didn't perform too well for me, but I heard a lot of people utilise them successfuly, so I guess it was just my bad luck. Remember MRPs are defensive weapons, so Valk can be quite successful against hordes, putting out quite a few attacks after moving 12".
      Vendetta on the other hand is a very solid choice. It would seem most power-gaming lists include those. How to field them? Two pointers from me. Field at least two units and do not field maximum-sized squadrons. So, 2 in two slots, 4 in two slots, 6 in three slots, all work well! Just as Banwolf, a single one (or a single unit) is likely to attract too much enemy fire. They're resilient, but not invincible.Best way to use them is either outflank, to make sure they will get to fire at least once, or utilise the scout move to get them to a proper shooting position, if you have the first turn. Also, remember about the objective of the game (which is a general tip, but it's important to say in regards of that unit). Maybe you could get 3 TLL shots at the enemy rear, but if you go Flat Out, you will contest that objective!
      Not going to mention the RAW nightmare of properly handling Valks though. I wish you all to have as sensible gaming groups as I do, that consider it stupid if you'd tell them Valks have issues with disembarking or, mentioned earlier, contesting.
  • Heavy Support
    • Leman Russ tanks
      Ah, everyone's favourite tank! (Non-IG players have no voice on that one!) Coming in a variety of different flavour. Let's start with the good ol' Leman Russ Battle Tank. I'd say it's still the best choice out there. Versatile, with a very big range on its main gun and it ignoring the majority of armor saves and inflicting instant death on majority of targets as well for the cheapest price of them all! Recently I discovered the barest LRBT is the best, that means no sponsons at all! It still performs just as good, but costs less. The only problem is that sponsons on mine require a knife and some strength... And now it looks silly (of course I repainted it and everything. Even put magnets in case I'd like sponsons in the future), but is just as deadly. Generally when it comes to sponsons, nowadays I'd never put heavy bolters. Plasma cannons are quite decent. Never used Multi-meltas but they could be handy. Heavy Flamers are definitely out. You don't want to be close to the enemy in these days.
      Next is the Exterminator, which is an interesting pea-shooter, as we call units with many shots around here. It's also nice in taking out light armour, but all in all I probably won't field one. Twin Hydras can have similar fire output and cost less. of course, they're more fragile, but still. I guess I just love those large blasts...
      And that's why I don't like the codex Vanquisher.It sure can be deadly to tanks, but at BS3 it's waaay to unreliable. However if you put a lascannon on the hull and a Knight-Commander Pask in the hull it can perform really well as a long-range AT platform. I think only this version is worth considering at all.
      And the last of the rear AV 10 variants - the Eradicator. A poor choice, I don't like it all. It can ignore cover saves, but is only S6 (means it won'tinsta-kill those pesky nobs for example) and only AP4, meaning MEQ don't really care. I'd rather take a Colossus, which is the same price.
      Starting the rear AV 11s is the Demolisher, the second very good LR variant. Yep, it turns out the best ones are still those we had in our armory for ages. Demolisher is utterly deadly on short ranges. I like mine with plasma cannons, so it dishes out quite a lot of AP 2 hits. It's also very feared by the enemies and acts as a great fire magnet and might also fear your enemies away from it. All in all, a very solid choice
      Next, the tank that made all non-Guard players tremble in fear when rumours about it leaked. In the end it turned out to be one of the poorest choices in the codex. Sure, it can fire off 20 shots, but it has BS 3 and athe shots are AP -. It can't even reliably hunt AV 10. The only way it could be useful is, again, with Pask. Then it becomes a decent MC hunter actually!
      And lastly, the Executioner, another tank that made everyone suddenly very afraid of the new Guard. Just like with Punisher it proved not to be as good as everyone though, though it's still a very good tank, unlike the former. It's very expensive however and one should be careful not to make it even more expensive. 5 plasma cannon shots might sounds very appealing, but I'd rather not put sponsons on it. Furthest I'd go is to put a lascannon on the hull, as it goes well with AP 2 plasmas, making it cost as much as plasma Demolisher, while being good as well. Apparently it performs quite well, according to some forum posts.
      Generally I'd avoid using Russes in squadrons, but the best working ones would probably be either two of the same time or a Battle Tank/Demolisher mix.
    • Hydra
      An interesting Heavy Support choice not to be overlooked. Very cheap points-wise and providing some really nice firepower. It's special ability is interesting, though a bit funny. The part about ignoring turbo boost cover save is more or less useless. About the only units it gives something against are DE bikers and regular Ork Warbikers. Everyone else either has a 3+ armour save anyway or laughs at puny few S7 wounds. Ignoring Flat Out cover is way better though and should help a lot against pesky Eldar. Works really well in squadrons as well, freeing up other slots for heavier toys... or more Hydras!
    • Artillery
      Starting off with the good ol' Basilisk, which in the new codex is rather.. uninteresting. It has a nice strength and AP values, but the other choices have some special gimmicks making them more appealing somewhat. If you need a solid all-round artillery piece it's a nice choice, but it's minimum range of 36" hampers it's effectivness quite a bit. Also, unfortunately, for now it's the only unit that has a model.
      Medusa is quite an interesting thing, really. It has the largest range of all ig S10 AP2 pie-plates, or becomes a rather deadly AT platform. The latter unfortunately takes away versatility of the regular gun, which has quite a lot of AT capability on its own. it's downside is lack of indirect fire, which means it has to see the enemy, which in turns means enemy will see it. It's quite fragile, so might end it's life abruptly.
      The next one - Colossus. Now we're talking. S6 AP3 ignoring cover saves is a bane of all MEQs. This one's downside is that it can only fire indirectly, so if the enemy is charging your way into assault you might get a range problem. Remember you can't fire indirectly after moving. Still it's a very solid choice. This one suffers the most from the lack of model, there is none, aside from the FW Bombard, which apparently is the same gun, just mounted on a Russ chassis.
      Finally, the lowly Griffon. A very solid choice, actually, the Accurate Bombardment rule is a very nice hting to have. I would field them in pairs or linked with other artillery pieces in a squadron. If it fires first it helps to guide the other shots due to Multiple Barrage.
    • Manticore
      Apparently the new king of Heavy Support slots in tournament play. I'm going to construct one soon, so I'll be able to give you more feedback, but from what I've gathered so far it's a real butcher. It might not be AP3, meaning meaning it won't slaughter those Space Marines so easily, but it will pop their Land Rider like a ripe watermelon. That's what it does best - hitting side armour of tough vehicles (Doesn't help against Land Riders, but Battlewagons? Sure thing!) rolling two dices and picking higher for armour penetration. It's also utterly deadly against Ork hordes on foot. The Limited Ammunition rule is hardly much of a drawback.
      Keep in mind however - competetive players field those in pairs. That ensures they will do what they have to do. Also keep in mind that a list basing around Manticores and e.g. 6 Vendettas along with mech-vets places you right there on a shelf next to twin-lasher-nine-oblits-plague-marine-spam lists.
    • Deathstrike
      This entry is a joke, honestly. It's totally unreliable and as such useless in competetive playing. I don't it should be used, unless in Apocalypse, some special scenarios or just a "for the laughs" game. In any other circumstances there are waaay better things out there for as much or less points that won't let you down.
      Of course it can be utterly devastating, but you sure need a lot of luck for that to happen. Not the best thing.

And that's it for today, juust like last time I'd love to hear your opinions!

Now to decide if I'm too lazy to go play at a tournament today, since I'm actually thinking I am, even though I was looking forward to it...

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You should totally go to the tournament.

I haven't read the tactica yet (I'm saving it for work tomorrow) but I'm looking forward to it.

28 August 2009 at 20:13

Good tactica overall sir!

I have a special spot in my heart for Armored Sentinels. Not terribly useful unless you are running the old gunline, but then they are awesome. I can't count the number of times they have saved my line from genestealers or have charged onto an objective, contesting it for the rest of the game. For shameless self promotion, I wrote up a little tactica here back when the codex first came out:

And as for the Pask-Vanquisher combo... granted I only tried it once, but it just felt like a much more expensive, slower, more heavily armored and less threatening Hammerhead. The lack of AP 1 really hurts its effectiveness and you have to stand still if you want Pask's special armor pen ability to come into effect.

Having said that, I'd be very interested if anyone has had more experience with the beast, as I desperately want it to be good but just haven't seen evidence of it yet.

28 August 2009 at 21:21

Go to the tournament! You won't regret it.

28 August 2009 at 21:28

Heh, thanks guys. In the end I am not going though, since I am not at home at the moment so I would have to get up at 6 am or earlier to get there on time... Ugh! Also because I haven't slept well over the past few days. Right, I know, lousy excuse. Maybe next time. ;)

I'll read on those Sentinels, you sure got me interested! I do love the idea of an Armoured Sentinel in general, just that it seems to be outshined by other things in most cases.

28 August 2009 at 22:07

I generally avoid squadrons, but a squadron (battery) of three griffons @225 points is awesome, especially with their re-roll. Such an enjoyable way of fielding 225pts!

I've also tried a squadron of three hydras (a model I love) and its rate of fire with hvy bolters is simply staggering.

In the case of the griffon battery, someone's pointed out to me the bonus of equipping at least one with a flamer, so that when they're inevitably attacked they can scooch around and torch the attacker. Worth a shot, eh?

29 August 2009 at 02:14

Something to consider..

9 Leman Russ Punishers.

Against pretty much anything, that'd be lethal. 180 shots just from the turret guns. Then another 81 from the three heavy bolters on each. Then another 27 shots from the heavy stubbers each have. That would be a grand total of 288 shots a turn, assuming nothing gets destroyed..


6 October 2009 at 06:46

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