The Dark Mastermind  

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More evil space elves! This time, the guy behind it all, the Archon - Ecthos, I called him.

I really liked the original metal model for the Archon, but I decided it needs at least a little bit personification. And I'd rather have him have different wargear. Thus, a little (Not too complex though. I hate Dark Eldar for that, I really want to do some heavily converted army but the original models are just so awesome I can't think of a way to improve them..) conversion work and here we go!

To add some more awesomness to the most important Eldar around, I put him on a much more elaborate base.

There are of course more shots.

He is equipped with an Agonizer, Splinter Pistol, Phantasm Grenade Launcher (although I probably should've magnetised that in case he doesn't go with Incubi as previously planned) and a Shadow Field. I wonder if I could do some fancy painting trick to represent the last one.

I used the pike from the Raider to add something in the background, so that the base isn't as flat. Then I though it would look much better if I sculpted some foliage on it, in line with that on the ground.

Originally I intended for the entire model to be magnetised, but those arms are small. Almost impossible. Unfortunately I almost ruined the entire model drilling the hole for the Agoniser arm, thus it is there to stuf. Splinter Pistol can be exchanged, for something else just in case.

And a little closeup on the skulls for the thro.. er, nevermind

Anyway, I have been readng Horus Heresy again. And I feel a huge craving to do another Marine army, curse you GW! But since there's still some Wolves left to paint, hopefuly I'll sate that Marine-hunger. Although Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons would be quite awesome, perhaps one day...

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