I Hate Right Hands - Part II - The Dark Box of Wonders  

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Time for another insatllement from the IHRH series! This time I'll cover good sources of obtaining useful bits and pieces and talk a bit about maintaining your bits box.

After the huge wall of text that the last part was, this time it will be hopefuly shorter!

To the point. First of all, what's a bits box? It's some kind of a container (or containers) in which you hold all your spare bits, unused parts of kits and various random items that one day might come in handy when making a mini. Here're my boxes:

First, the biggest box (it used to hold Cadian HQ), I sorted my bits in it to make it easier to find the thing I need. The big slot on top holds all the heavy weapons and huge parts. The the right we've got small and large accessories and on the bottom the weapons in the bigger one and body parts in the smaller.

The second thing is a Forge World pouch, in which I keep the few remaining parts of the original contents and all my green stuff press-molds and contraptions.

And the last is the box which holds all the remaining Cadian bodies I got once upon a time, that still didn't get a use (Though they will very soon!), spare bases and some cable that might come in handy.

There's one more, that I haven't taken a shot of, a Hellhound box in which I keep all the vehicle accessory sprues, spare tracks and most the bits coming from vehicles.

As you can see there's loads of stuff in there. Guard kits tend to produce a lots of spare parts (though of course, never enough torsos/legs!). It's a good thing, as some of these parts are usable by other (Not neccessarily Guard players - Inquisition and Space Marines can find the most use, though other armies could still use some parts, for example for bases) so you could trade them for more interesting stuff.

Before moving on, I'd like to show you some oddities I found in my box, and I actually have no clue of their origin (Well, one is a SoB Laud Hailer or however that's spelt). I acquired them when I made a huge trade of all my 35 Vostroyans for a bucket of Cadians. (I intended to collect Vostroyans first, though I decided that the price would be too big for the first army, and it'd be a long time till I'd be able to play). Here they are:

And the second very important thing every 40k player should have. Neodymium magnets:

They have so many uses that it's impossible to name them all.

And now a list of good sources of bits.

ForgeWorld stuff
Namely the three kits:

They have tons of useful and awesome looking bits. I'd reccomend at least one of either the first or second to personalize your veterans with! The third is losing a bit of appeal with the new codex, since you only get pieces for 5 vets. You could see several items from the first pack on my veterans and you could see them on my platoon command posted a while back (And now I wish I put those on vets, heh..).

Games-Workshop kits:
I will list kits I found to have useful things and write a short list of useful bits within each of them.

  • Space Marines Tactical Squad

    • Purity Seals

    • Litany parchments

    • Bolter scopes

    • Small ammo pouches

    • Bolt pistols
    • Combat Knives

    • Meltaguns and plasma guns

  • Space Marines Assault Squad

    • Plasma Pistols
    • Melta Bombs

  • Space Marines Terminators

    • Purity Seals

  • Imperial Guard Cadian Command HQ and Catachan Command HQ
    The new kit, of course.

    • Everything, pretty much!
      Check the parts list here

  • Imperial Guard Catachan kits
    A couple of things from both regular squads and heavy weapons that are useful for _pure_ Cadian veterans

    • Lasguns

    • Vox-caster

    • Heads
    • Pouches

    • Backpacks

  • Chaos Space Marines Squad

    • Plasma Gun (With trimmed spikes!)
    • Plasma Pustols (as above)
    • Combat Knives

    • Pouches

  • Kroot Carnivores

    • Accessories - there's some bits that could pass as demolition charge

  • WFB Empire Pistolliers

    • Bags, Pouches, Bottles, Bedrolls

    • A bit off-topic, but Horses are great for converted Rough Riders...

  • WFB Empire State Troops

    • Bottles

    • Some heads can be used after slight adjustements

Alright, that's it. Hope you find some inspiration within this and it'll help you a bit! Next time, a more inspirational thing - Green Stuff tutorial!

Bits images courtesy of www.bitspudlo.com.
Also, a cookie if you get the title reference.

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Nice rundown of the bitz options!

2 May 2009 at 21:10

A nice run down of useful bits for Imperial players, great stuff.

By the way - I use these for Bitz Boxes, and I think they're great.


2 May 2009 at 23:24
This comment has been removed by the author.
3 May 2009 at 05:40

myself have switched over to a plastic fold out tool box for my bitz and storage, the little bolt and screw compartments work great, but yea Amen to the R arms and I havent even tried dynamic mounting with REM's yet.



BH Senior Editor

3 May 2009 at 05:47

Thanks Hal'jin. Another great read, really enjoying this series of articles, keep it up!

Craig @ cadian8th

3 May 2009 at 15:01

These articles are really helpful! I've been looking at that Cadian Upgrade pack from Forgeworld and will probably end up buying one at Games Day.

3 May 2009 at 17:38

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