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Female Cadian Snipers! Now that I got your attention - Something that probably most of you have been looking mostly to. I have checked the statistics that Blogger started providing with the redesign and the first post on it is the 4th most viewed post on this blog of all time. Wow! I hope I will not let anyone down. Without further ado, the 304th Sniper Squad!

The all-female sniper squad that is count-as Ratlings. If you are interested in the modelling process and parts used I will just refer you to the main post on the subject. And now, on with the pictures! Many, many pictures, starting with an obligatory group shot!

The first sniper, one with the neat hair. Also the only one using original plastic sniper rifle.

Aaand the back. The camo cloaks aren't perfect, I was considering adding some static grass to get something similar to this, but in the end, dropped the idea.

The "sergeant". I really like how she turned out! Of course Ratlings don't have snipers in the codex, but this is the 304th vet squad pretty much!

And her... backside...

The very characterful "I don't give a damn my hair looks like a pot".

Casually smoking a lho-stick and waiting for the target to come into the field of view.

Another blonde, they also seemed to have turned out the best! This one is aiming at something coming close. This also shows that those gs sniper rifles aren't really too perfect.

Although they did turn out much better than I had anticipated at first. You cannot tell the difference from a distance and even up close they don't look particularly bad!

The hooded one. With a strange face too.

As I said in the modelling post, the hood feels a bit off, but overall the model is nice.

And the helmetted one! Unfortunately turned out to be my least favourite of the bunch, but she still looks quite good!

Also she's the only runner in the squad!

And that's it. That was the final update for the Guard for quite a while to come. There's other things I want to add, but mostly the Guard is done. I dropped the idea of a third platoon for now, since the ammount of cash needed is a bit too much for me now. Instead I am finishing up the Space Wolves and need to start painting those damned Dark Eldar as well!

Anyway, I hoped you liked them as much as I did! Let me know!

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Amazing! Love them and believe it or not the helmet one is my favorite! he he. Brilliant to see a unique idea finally finished!

10 November 2011 at 16:05

I found this blog today and i love it...Thanks Rasmus, great work.

MJE / Finland

10 November 2011 at 18:25

Outstanding work mate, they look seriously realistic!

12 November 2011 at 15:14

The camo looks terrific

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