How to Magnetise the Dark Eldar Razorwing  

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Right, about time for some tutorial! Dark Eldar Razorwings. Everyone loves the model. However it comes with a real ton of armament options and being a DE model it's all very flimsy thin and hard to drill in, so I had to come up with some way to magnetise those, especially the missiles, which are probably the thing that will get changed the most. If you ran into some problems I hope this little article will help you out!

So here we have our fighter. I have magnetised everything that is interchangable, as laid out in front of him, although I haven't magnetised all missiles yet. I am using cylindrical 3x1 mm neodymium magnets for this, small would be handy, but can't be even 1 mm bigger than that.

Let's start with the fighter's underbelly. First the two missile holders that are in the middle - the ones moulded onto the hull. Drill two smal holes in the red spots marked below. Easy enough.

Next the more tricky part, the outstanding missile holders. It's probably best done beore you glue them onto the hull. You have to cut them down a little bit, following the red line as shown in the picture below. Remove everything marked red and glue the magnet roughly in the same position as in the photo. Make sure all magnets you attach are polarized in the same direction - that way any missile will fit any spot, else it might get very annoying.

Now for the missile. Not as hard as one might expect. Drill (carefully), a hole in the spot marked by red roughly in the middle between the holes, a bit more to the front. The red lines show the distance from both of them

And that's it for the missiles, you can do that easily with each missile variant. Now for the rest - the hull guns. They're really easy to magnetise. First put a magnet inside the square hole in the fighter. The 3mm magnet should fit perfectly in. However push it in, so that you have space for two magnets inside. That way you won't have to drill into the gun. (So there should be a 1 mm gap between the end of magnet and the flat area within the gun "hatch")

Then simply cut off the square peg and glue a magnet into its place

The last part - the forward splinter weapons. You have to do that before you glue the hull together! First cut down the splinter weapon block thing, as shown below. Cut out as much as you can from the top. Below you can see a Splinter Cannon that is uncut and the rifles that have been adjusted. Then simply put a magnet at the backside.

On the Razorwing itself it's a bit more tricky. There is a "bar" inside that prevents the prow gun to be pushed too far in. Place a magnet flat on top of it. It will be powerful enough to hold the weapon, but careful with polarization there. The cutting down of the top of the block makes it possible for the weapont ob e taken out and put back in after you glue the hull together.

And that's it, I hope you find it useful. I'm slowly runnning out of things to post, will have to get working more, but Skyrim just had its release and I'm kinda stuck into it now. But still, see you on Thursday!

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