The Pack Elite - Part 1  

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Time to change the army for a bit. Since everything I had to paint for the Guard is done and posted, time for some Space Wolves again! Taking off with my favourite models, that I've put off for too long. I decided to split the post into two parts since there's plenty of pictures here. Each and every terminator is unique, so I got details shots of every single one. On with the show! 

Starting off with the group shot of the first five. Perhaps you can recognise one of those from an earlier post!

First man, Randolf Shieldwall carrying a power weapon (originally intended to be a frost blade, but they aren't really worth it) and a storm shield.

And his back!

Egil Eitrisson, combi-melta and a power fist. I really like that guy!

Halvard Freyrsson, the second PW/Storm Shield. He has been painted in the second batch and I think it shows and he look a bit better than the other ones.

Hjalmar Bjornsson, the second melta guy. This one has actually been converted out of AoBR terminator sergeant. I think he fits the squad really well now after some wolf-ification!

The one I have posted a while back, painted a long time ago - the Cyclone totting Hrodgar Irongrip.

Now for some detail shots. Egil's Combi-melta - I added some runes on the chainsword bit.

Detail shot on Hrodgar's wolf pelt and chest.

Halvard, seen more from below, since he's leaning forward quite a bit.

Hjalmar's leather tabard and helmet.

Shieldwall's shield.

And that's it for the first bunch. Not many words in this post, but hope pictures more than make up for it! Stay tuned for part 2, which is a bit more interesting!

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