The Heavier Heavy Support  

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The vehicle park of my Great Company is getting quite close to completion. This time, a model I always wanted to have - a Land Raider where my freehand attempts strike again.

And the look half-decent. I should probably practice something more complex though. It might come in hand in the future (though not the DE I mentioned...)...

As you can see, I added quite a few elements in an attempt to Wolf-ify it a bit. Storm Shields, random wolfish elements, tails and such.

The top that shows yet another freehand, that is probably a little funny. Oh well, I can't draw too well. You can also see runic plates I added, inspired by the vehicles in the codex (Mine are a bit more uneven though!)

A shot at the interior. It actually looks good in that picture. The interior... didn't really turn out as I had hoped and for the first time I was glad it can't be seen too well... But as you see, I added a couple of things on the inside as well.

And that's it for the Land Raider. It could still use some weathering powder, I'll get to it eventually, probably in a batch with other vehicles. It's quite a dirty work, the powder ends up everywhere in the end, so I prefer to use it as seldom as I can.

Also that's what's on the painting table as I'm writing these words.

And on a closing note, both armies painting charts (as of 6.10). The IG one grew a bit... It also includes a Leman Russ I won in a combat patrol league recently. Yaay.

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Great looking piece, as usual. Only thing missing is a tail on the back ;)
Wish I had the knack for free-hand stuff like this.

10 October 2010 at 18:57

Man, I love that wolf head on the starboard side!

11 October 2010 at 19:51

Thanks guys! I should totally do something more complex than one colour freehand though...

11 October 2010 at 22:10

sick colors man!!!looks like a killer u.n.Tank. if space marines worked for those losers.ha,again awesome job

28 March 2011 at 05:00

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